Omega's Possession Chapter 65

I flinch, but at the same time roll my hips against Rhen beneath me, his cock sliding through my slick when I feel Thane lift my hips, Rhen’s hand slips between our heated bodies as he positions himself at my entrance. I try to sink down on him but Thane’s hands tighten preventing it, forcing me down slowly on him.

“Slow, Harlow. Let us,” Thane says pressing his lips to my shoulder, his calling seeping out behind me but the frequency only low, just lending me enough to slow the heat trying to destroy me.

Raidon grabs a hold of my jaw. He tilts me up a little and brings his thumb to my mouth, forcing my lips to part. He pushes his thumb in deeper. He doesn’t have to tell me what he wants for me to know that he wants me to suck on it. So I do.

I moan when I feel Thane’s tip against my entrance. It feels so intrusive and so demanding. My body flutters and the ring of muscles start to ache. I feel weak on my knees and weak in my arms, which makes it hard to focus on what’s going on in fr
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So I have a question. Is she unable to take anyone’s Knot besides Thane? This is at least the second time I’ve read where they stopped knotting her but Thane comes and knots her. Is there a reason for this? I assumed once she takes the serum she could take any of their knots. Is this not the case?

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