Chapter Six

After another two weeks of constant studying, classes, running, and partying around, Avery was exhausted, and Becca finally stepped forward to speak to her best friend. 

Avery had just returned home from her usual run and walked in the door, dropping her keys in the hall. She could see Becca sitting on the sofa, but she didn't hold a book or watch TV, which was odd, but Avery shrugged it off. As much as she deserved privacy and peace, so did Becca. 

Once Avery barely stepped into the living area, Becca pounced at her the moment she came into Becca's line of vision. It was clear that her best friend had no intention of letting Avery slip into her bedroom in peace. This was the day Becca lost every bit of her patience and decided to take action before losing her best friend for good. 

All Avery wanted was the escape of peace and quiet she could find in her bedroom. At least until nighttime caught up on her fears. 

"Ava, please," Becca pleaded, grabbed her wrist and tried to pull her toward the couch. "Please, come talk to me. I'm worried about you; you've been out of it recently, and I believe I can help you if you let me. Just sit down, and let's talk. That's all I'm asking of you, please."

Avery rolled her eyes and tried to walk past Becca, heading straight to her goal- the dreaded bedroom. However, her best friend rushed past her and blocked the doorway, keeping Avery out of her bedroom. 

Becca had had enough of her best friend's attempts to avoid any conversation she had started. The same as she was tired of watching Avery lock out the reality by hiding in her room. She knew Avery did everything to forget what happened instead of facing her pain and trying to heal. Whatever Avery was up to, it had to be unhealthy. 

"Ava, listen to me. I think you should speak to someone. And I understand if you don't want this someone to be me because I don't know your pain, but we can seek professional help. Anyone you choose. I'm worried about you."

Once again, Avery tried to push past Becca and dismiss every word coming out of the desperate girl's mouth, but Becca gripped the door frame tighter and stopped her. 

Avery knew she wouldn't be able to get past her best friend without hurting her, so instead, she glared at Becca. Her gaze was intense, heated and full of suppressed emotions, one someone would send only to their enemy. Avery didn't want to hate Becca; God forbid she lost her best friend, but right now, she was sticking her nose too deep into Avery's business. Regardless of her intentions, she had no right. 

"Listen to me, please, Ava, I'm begging you. If you keep going like you have been for the last couple of weeks, you'll burn yourself out. I don't want to see you collapse, and I get it, you're hurt, but this is wrong."

Avery's patience was running really thin. She didn't need someone who still had two loving parents telling her how to deal with everything she felt. Avery hated how Becca said she understood she was hurt. Yeah, sure, she did, because they went through the same nightmare- note the goddamn sarcasm. 

Right now, everything Avery did was working for her, and she managed just fine, so she believed she had control over her life. 

Avery tried to block out Becca's pleas, but no matter how hard she tried to think of anything but her best friend's words, she couldn't. After listening to the same pleas and suggestions over and over again, she lost her patience and snapped at Becca. 

"That's the fucking point, Becca! I don't want to talk about it, I don't want to think about it, and more than that, I don't want to hear anything about it! All I'm asking is for you to leave me the fuck alone! I know what I'm doing; I'm not a child. I'm fine, alright? I'm fucking fine, so move out of my damn way and let me enter my bedroom!" Avery screamed, emphasising the word 'my' to remind Becca that she had the right to lock herself in her room as Becca did. 

Becca stared at her as Avery pushed her hand out of her way and tried to get past her. However, Becca didn't give in as quickly as her best friend had hoped. Both of them were on the very edge when Becca blocked Avery again, forcing her hand back across the door. 

"Fine?" Becca asked as a bitter laugh escaped her lips. "You really think you're fine, huh? I know you, Avery, you can't hide shit from me, and I know you stopped taking your pills. How about that, huh? Sounds like you're fine? That's not enough? Should I add more things you keep overlooking? Sure, just stand there and listen! You eat nothing but macaroni, and you've lost weight. It's been nearly three weeks since they died, and you already look so exhausted and withdrawn that someone might mistake you for a dead person if they saw you sleeping! Don't tell me you're fine. That's some bullshit you can tell someone who will listen, and you know it! If you refuse to talk to me, at least talk to a professional!" Becca screamed back at Avery, pouring her heart and soul out. 

Avery's breath hitched, and her cheeks turned bright red. It wasn't embarrassment she felt; it was pure, unstoppable anger, boiling her blood until she couldn't stop herself from snarling at her best friend. "You went through my bag? You ignored every sense of privacy we ever had to snoop around and keep sticking your damn nose in my business? How could you? Why is it that hard to fucking ask, Becca? And after this, you still stand here and act like you're my best friend? Sure, keep living in delusions; best friends don't act like you do! Don't go through my damn stuff ever again!" Avery screamed at the top of her lungs. 

Yet, even Abery's wild outburst of anger didn't force Becca to step back and give up on her friend. Avery was hurting, she didn't mean everything she said, and Becca knew she was doing the right thing. "How could I ask if you're never home, and when you are- you have your head stuck in some book and ignore everyone? Yesterday I asked you for some advice, and you just waved me off, ignoring me completely. Entertain me, Ava; tell me how I could've approached you?" 

Becca's words did nothing but press at Avery's anger. She was pissed off beyond anything she had felt before, so utterly enraged even Avery feared the intense emotion. 

But then, Avery remembered what Becca had said and everything she felt made sense. How could her best friend betray her trust like that?

Avery felt like her blood was boiling, bubbling in her veins and burning every bit of her body. The boiling feeling started to completely overtake her. She didn't know why exactly she had gotten so angry, yet she blamed the feeling of betrayal from the last person she could trust. 

There was this hushed, annoying voice in the back of Avery's head, reminding her Becca was her best friend, and she meant no harm, no matter what the human did, but Avery just blocked it out. 

Her mind and senses were consumed by her untamable, blistering anger. 

Avery couldn't help herself; someone else seized her body and took over her. Even Avery didn't understand the gibberish words that spewed from her lips.

The disgusting, horrid things she was saying to her best friend came out of nowhere, and none were anything that had crossed Avery's mind even once. Whatever came over her, those things leaving her lips weren't said of her own free will. That wasn't even anger; it was much more dangerous. 

But she lost it. Everything. Every bit of control she had over her mind, body, emotions, and words.

It was building up, boiling over, and Avery knew she needed to release it, whatever it was. Yet, unfortunately for Becca, she was the only one who stood in Avery's way; therefore, she was the one who had to cop the brunt of it. 

Avery's hands reached out, seeing for something she didn't know she needed until she grabbed random objects and started smashing and throwing anything she could in her hands. 

The raw rage consumed Avery, and she liked it. She loved the feeling it gave her as it ran through every cell in her body as if it was awakening her. And Avery welcomed everything the anger could give her. 

Becca took a step back, putting more distance between herself and her angered friend, but even the terrified action didn't bother Avery. 

In fact, she liked seeing the fear in Becca's eyes. She loved watching how fear consumed her friend like anger had done with Avery. 

Avery savoured how Becca's fear perfumed the room; she could smell it radiating off her- so sticky, sweet, intoxicating and addictive. She wanted more; no, Avery needed more of the scent. She had to take it all for herself and drown in the sensations it gave her. 

Avery's hands reached for Becca on instinct. She grabbed her best friend and threw her frail body into the wall, watching how Becca hit it and landed on her side on the floor. 

Becca cried out on the impact, and some part of Avery was screaming that she shouldn't hurt her, trying to remind her that Becca had done nothing wrong and meant no harm. Then, the annoying voice called to Avery that Becca was her friend; she tried to help and remember that Becca wasn't another supernatural who might take the blow without serious injuries. 

Yet, the rage that still burned within Avery overpowered the voice. Her anger burned red, intense, like embers of a flame. 

Avery couldn't return to her senses; she didn't know what she did was wrong anymore and didn't mean to go overboard, yet she embraced the feelings coursing through her burning body. 

The flames ran through her from head to toe, reminding her of their existence at the very tips of her fingers. Every cell in Avery's body felt alive as if they burned to ashes and reborn like a Phoenix. For the first time in weeks, Avery felt real and invincible. She wanted more. To feel it more intensely and give it her strength. 

A loud, terrifying scream tore out of Becca when Avery grabbed her off the ground and slammed her back into the wall. Avery's grip on Becca's arms made her cry out. Her nails dug into Becca's arms, tearing the skin until her best friend bled. 

A mere whiff of the scent of Becca's blood was another sensation that Avery had never known. The metallic, alluring scent only fueled her anger, and once again, Avery needed more of that bliss. 

The pain and desperation dripping from Becca's words did nothing but send thrills through Avery. She gripped Becca's arms tighter as she begged Avery to stop, let her go and come back to her senses. Little did Becca know Avery was too far gone. 

"Please, Avery, stop. Please, you're hurting me; just stop," Becca kept repeating, violent tears streaming down her cheeks. Then, she lifted her gaze and their eyes locked, making Becca gasp out loud. "Avery, your eyes!"

Her voice stammered while Becca tried her best to get Avery to release her from the vicious hold she had her in, but the only thing Avery did was squeeze her best friend tighter and dig her nails deeper into her flesh. 

Listening to Becca's pain sent electric jolts through Avery's veins, giving her more energy and power. She didn't feel pain or desperation anymore; the only real feeling in her was overflowing jolts of strength, which Avery relished. 

All of a sudden, Avery heard the door to their dorm apartment open and shut with a loud bang. 

She tore her attention from the weeping human in her hold to glance over her shoulder and see who would become her new victim as he burst inside. 


Avery smiled at him before she turned towards him, dropping Becca's body to the floor as if her best friend were nothing but an old toy Avery got over once she saw the new, flashy one.

Aamon froze in his step the moment his eyes took in Avery. If she didn't know the man better, she would bet his breath hitched once their eyes met. 

Avery's new victim stared directly into her eyes as he took a step back in the hallway, and then, his eyes went to Becca's trembling form. 

She couldn't recognise the sound of the laughter that broke out of her once Avery noticed him staring. She didn't mean to laugh at his confused and possibly startled state, but Avery had decided to embrace the new feeling and let it lead her. 

The sound of her laughter made Avery appear wicked and evil, but she knew there was a reason for her amusement: she had trapped Aamon. And the best part was that she didn't need to lure him; the idiot came out of his own free will. 

An odd impulse washed over Avery, and she threw her hands forward, long lines of electricity surging from her fingertips.

The hallway table lifted from the floor, and she threw it toward Aamon, trying her best to throw it at him. Avery didn't understand why she did it, but every violent act made her feel something opposite to the pain that consumed her; Avery couldn't stop now. 

Aamon ducked out of the table's way just as it hit the wall. Avery instantly picked it back up and slung the furniture at him again, still attempting to harm Aamon. 

Only this time, Aamon was ready and expecting her next attack. He caught the table mid-air before he slammed it against the floor with such force that the table shattered into tiny pieces. 

Glaring at Avery, Aamon took a step closer to her. His blazing stormy eyes turned to the pitch-black abyss of nothingness; the view was so foreign to Avery that she almost got distracted. Even the sclera of Aamon's eyes was black, making him look as demonic as he probably was. 

Then, catching Avery off guard, Aamon ran at her, used the weight of his body and slammed her to the ground, pinning Avery underneath his massive frame. 

One of his hands grabbed Avery's wrists in a tight grip and pinned them above her head, restraining her from almost every movement she could take. Aamon's other hand stopped at her face, and he grabbed her chin to force Avery to look into his eyes. 

As soon as they were at eye level, Avery faltered; Aamon's gaze was mesmerising. His pitch-black eyes flickered to red before Aamon snarled at Avery. "Avery, stop!"

His voice was powerful, almost ground-shaking and mirrors-shattering, but Avery only shook her head as violently as she could to break out of his hold. 

She tried to fight off his compulsion as Aamon's words flooded Avery's mind and slowly pulled her out of the bliss she wasn't ready to lose. 

Avery shoved against Aamon's body with all her weight, but he only pressed down harder, keeping her glued to the floor.

Avery laughed for herself when an idea came to her. Aamon asked for it himself. She allowed the heat in her veins to consume her once again. It felt as cold as ice on her skin, slightly tingling it, but Avery knew it was as hot as pouring lava. She could smell the flesh on his hands burn and melt, sizzling from the intensity of the heat. 

Aamon didn't react. He wasn't scared like she had hoped. Avery expected some kind of emotion or action, anything, but Aamon didn't flinch, and fear didn't flash in his eyes even for a mere second. 

The same as his grip on her wrists never lessened. Instead of what Avery expected, his hold around her got so unbelievably tight that she thought Aamon might break her bones. 

The sudden intensity of Aamon's aura smashing against Avery startled her for a moment. She could smell his anger, and unlike the fear Becca felt earlier, Aamon's emotion didn't allure Avery. It was so strong that it reminded Avery of a furious, unrelenting, and unstoppable storm.

His hands let go of Avery's wrists, but before she could react and attempt to escape him, Aamon gripped her shoulders, lifted her up a little and slammed her back against the floor, knocking the air out of her lungs. 

His eyes burned with rage as she found herself wondering if he could burn her with a look alone. The trail of thoughts was destroyed when Aamon screamed at Avery so furiously that she wanted to run and hide. 

And only now did Avery remember that the man who held her pinned to the floor was a demon. She had seen so many supernaturals keep their distance from him even when Aamon was in a good mood, so what made her think it was a good idea to attack him?

"I said fucking stop!" Aamon roared menacingly, his voice becoming so loud it shook the windows in Avery's apartment. 

She couldn't fight him anymore or dare to refuse, so Avery froze. His anger-filled words calmed her instantly, making Avery's mind go blank as the slippery waves of Aamon's magic rushed through her body. 

Her gaze focused on Aamon's eyes, which reflected Avery like a mirror. Her face was hers, but it wasn't Avery. The girl she faced in his eyes was terrifying. 

Her eyes were as black as Aamon's, and red veins stuck out on her neck, creating an ugly contrast with her skin, reaching up as far as the edges of Avery's face. 

That right there, that creature, it couldn't be Avery, but she couldn't stop staring, hypnotised by the vile character that had to represent her. The girl in Aamon's eyes looked venomous, and Avery instantly thought of the angel of death. 

That's not Avery; it's not her and couldn't be. The only thing Avery could do was silently force herself into depths of denial and shake her head to get rid of the image which most likely was already burned in her memory.

Aamon's eyes slowly faded to their usual grey colour Avery had accepted to admire and longed for. He felt Avery's anger dissipate and turn into fear. Then, it slowly became sadness and, eventually, shame.

"What have I done?" Avery's words were barely a soft whisper, so full of regret and pain, she swore she sounded the same as she did during her parent's funeral. Except then, she felt shame for staying quiet instead of attacking someone. 

Oh God, Becca! Avery's eyes snapped towards her best friend, who was cowering in the corner, crying so hysterically that Avery could feel her best friend's pain from the sound alone. 

Their entire sitting room was turned upside down. Even the sofa was upside down, somehow slammed against the opposite wall. Was that really all Avery's doing? When did she go so out of control that she didn't notice every detail and the things she had touched?

Avery struggled against Aamon, trying her best to reach Becca. He hesitated but eventually took his weight off her body and moved aside to free her. 

Avery ran towards Becca, but her best friend screamed when she noticed Avery getting closer. Becca covered her face with her hands as if she thought that if she closed her eyes and took away her chances to peek at Avery, she wouldn't see the monster. 

Avery dropped to her knees in front of Becca. Panic spread through her as her mind finally registered what she had done. Avery prayed she hadn't injured Becca. 

"I'm sorry, Becca, I'm so goddamn sorry. Please, look at me; I didn't mean to. Please, Becca, I'm begging you, I can't lose you too," it was Avery's turn to plead with her best friend as her hands shook and tears pricked at her eyes, blurring her vision. 

With a shaky hand, Avery tried to reach out and hold hers, but Becca only pressed herself to the wall with more force, cowering away from Avery. 

"Get her out, get her out of here and away from me!" Becca cried out, begging Aamon to take Avery as far away from her as possible. 

A wave of pain spread through Avery's chest as the realisation hit her- Becca, her best friend and the last close person she had, was terrified of Avery. 

What had she done? Avery couldn't believe she did it; she couldn't grasp how minutes ago she was embracing everything she did and thriving on the way it made her feel. 

And the worst part was that Avery did it to Becca; of all people, Avery had to hurt her. Her person, Becca, was her person, all she had left, and now, Becca couldn't bear to look in her eyes. 

While Avery took in everything she had done, the distraction and the awful things to her best friend, Aamon used the moment she didn't care, picked her up around her waist and sat Avery near the door. She felt like a child, handled by an adult, but she didn't protest- she deserved so much worse after everything she had done. 

Avery could hear the students crowd around their door in the corridor and whisper assumptions about what might have happened. Then, a moment later, the security came running in, pushing their way inside. 

A cold shiver ran down Avery's spine as she thought of how much time the security had taken to arrive. If it weren't for Aamon, who knew how this would have ended? 

Aamon placed himself between the security and Avery, blocking her view. He calmly told the men what had happened, explained even the details he didn't know and promised he had the situation under control. 

The security team kept glancing between where Becca sat on the floor crying and Avery staring at the wall in confusion. Then, one of the older men ordered Aamon to get Avery off campus grounds until they investigated what had happened and if it were a good idea for her to return back. Of course, no one wanted to have uncontrollable witches roam the campus. 

Aamon didn't hesitate for a moment, grabbed Avery's bag from the floor and tossed in her phone before he grabbed Avery's arm and forced her back to her feet. He pulled her out of the door, right into the crowded corridor. 

Everyone stepped out of his way, creating almost a movie-worthy scene as they made a clear path ahead for Aamon and Avery. However, he didn't seem to care about the curious glances in the slightest; Aamon focused on dragging Avery away from the commotion.

People stared and pointed their fingers at them, whispering something amongst themselves as if Avery and Aamon were animals they watched at the zoo. 

Aamon pulled Avery into the elevator and hit the button to go to the ground floor. The ride down was quick, but the silence almost killed Avery, dragging the seconds into hours. 

Once the elevator opened, Aamon shoved her towards the staff parking lot and stopped next to a black Mercedes. He retrieved his keys from his pocket and unlocked the car, grunting: "Get in." Aamon sounded annoyed and on edge, ready to blow up if Avery tried to disobey him, so she gulped and nodded. 

But before Avery sat in the car, questions flooded her mind, so she looked at Aamon and tilted her head. "Where are you taking me?"

"Just get in the bloody car, Avery; I don't have time for your shit!" Aamon snapped at her, eyes blazing with the challenge for Avery to dare and disobey him. 

She understood as much as his annoyance and anger. To hell, Avery hated herself more than anyone else could, so she got inside the car. As Aamon slammed the door shut, Avery slid across the black leather seat and put on her seatbelt. 

Aamon sat in the driver's seat and pulled out of the parking lot, driving wherever he wanted. The dreaded silence nearly choked Avery as Aamon turned on the heater. 

Avery didn't realise how cold she was until the heat blasted against her skin, sending a shiver down her spine. As much as she wanted to rid herself of the tension and silence, she remained silent and looked out of the car window. 

After about ten minutes, Avery felt her blood run cold and had to suck in a sharp breath as an ice-cold sensation ran through her entire body, but then stopped as suddenly as it had come over her. Aamon arched an eyebrow and glanced over at Avery's reaction. 

"You felt that?" Aamon asked. 

Avery nodded, curious as to what had happened and what he meant with the question. 

"It was the border we just crossed, Avery. Humans can't feel it and don't really know it exists. Only those who can rightfully cross the border can feel it," Aamon explained as much but didn't add more details. 

After a while of driving, Avery noticed that she didn't understand where they were, the place was new, and she had never seen it before. She was sure she had never been to the part of the city Aamon was taking her to. 

This side of the city appeared dark and overtaken by the shadows, as if there was danger looming at every corner, regardless of where one went. 

Most of the houses were old, decrepit and boarded up. The whole place was engulfed in a dark aura, which had nothing to do with the fact that it was already nighttime. 

This side of the city had a seedy, terrifying atmosphere, the sort of place where no one would dare go out after the dark to wander the streets and clear their minds. 

There were people huddled around bonfires, comfortably wrapped in blankets, talking and laughing. None of them appeared homeless, so Avery wondered why they stood there. The people didn't notice them driving past at first; everyone looked up only when Aamon's car drove past, stared at it and then put their heads down or looked away. 

Trash was strewn down the streets; the alleyways looked creepy and eerie, full of shadows that Avery was sure would give her nightmares once she had enough courage to try to sleep. 

Avery sank back in her seat as the realisation hit her so hard that her breath hitched. Aamon took her to the Northside of Avalon city. 

That wasn't a place to travel to, let alone go there with a person Avery barely knew. Now, she felt foolish and reckless for agreeing to get into his car. Another wave of questions flooded Avery's mind. Did the University realise Aamon came from the Northside?

Eventually, Aamon pulled up and parked on the side of the road, outside an apartment building. The building was well-lit up and probably one of the nicest, if not the nicest, places in the whole Northside. 

The building reminded Avery more of a luxury hotel than an apartment building. The sound of Aamon getting out of the car startled Avery. Her eyes followed him as he handed his keys to the valet and walked around the cat to open the door for her. 

At first, she thought Aamon acted like a gentleman. Almost. Until he grabbed her atm when he saw Avery hesitate and forcefully pulled her out of the car. 

She stumbled because of the speed and force Aamon used, but he caught her. Avery huffed as their bodies collided; she felt like she had hit a brick wall full force. 

Aamon, however, was as unimpressed as ever. He steadied Avery on her feet by pulling her into his chest. Then, he let go of her once he was sure Avery was stable and could walk on her own. 

"Why are we here?" Avery asked, nervously peering around, adding extra attention to the dark streets. She feared the possibilities- who knew what danger they might face there?

"I live here," Aamon shrugged as he reached into his car to grab Avery's bag. He didn't utter another word as he took her hand in his.

"In the N-Northside?" Avery stuttered.

"Why? Are you scared, Ava? Don't worry; I won't let anyone hurt you. Besides, I'm sure you will feel at home sooner than you think. You'll have no problems fitting in here."

Avery raised a sceptical eyebrow at him and pouted. "What do you mean? I'm a witch, Aamon; this is vampire and demon territory."

"Never mind," Aamon chuckled and shook his head, visibly amused at Avery's confusion. 

"Sooo..." Avery dragged out. "My assumptions were right, weren't they? You're one of them."

Flashing his teeth, Aamon sent Avery a wicked smile; his eyes gleamed before they grey faded, and that ominous black took over the colour. 

Avery took a step back, but Aamon squeezed her hand tighter, blinked, and his eyes went back to the beautiful stormy grey. Avery instantly scolded herself- how could she be as stupid as to follow Aamon so blindly?

Aamon pulled Avery towards an elevator and pushed her inside. Her eyes followed his movements as Aamon pushed the button to the 20th floor. Led by instinct, Avery pressed back away from him, trying to create as much distance between them as she could. 

Aamon chuckled at her attempt and yanked her back beside him. His body crashed into hers, pushing Avery against the elevator wall. Aamon's hands rested on either side of her waist, chest crushing against hers. The heat emanating from his body warmed Avery's skin, and she could feel the outline of his hard abs against her body. 

"I can hear your heart, Ava. Am I making you nervous or excited for the poor muscle to overwork itself that hard?" Aamon purred next to her ear. He inhaled her scent as deeply as he could while Avery could feel his cool breath on her neck.

Aamon ran his nose along her neck to her chin and added, "Your fear smells intoxicating." His words were barely a murmur. 

Aamon groaned before lifting Avery's chin with his finger until he could see her eyes. Once their gazes met, Aamon's eyes glistened and flickered. "But you don't have to fear me, Ava. Calm down." A chuckle left his lips as Avery glared at him, trying her best to slow her racing heart. 

She held her breath when Aamon ran his thumb across her bottom lip, pulled it down and licked his own lips while his intense gaze never left hers. 

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