Chapter 7

Orion leads me through the place and past a lounge room into a kitchen before walking me to a sliding door. He slides it open, and I am blasted by the cold crisp air of the night. Stepping onto the balcony, Orion points to some chairs. I sit on one, peering over the side. I see we are very high up, the lights below look like fairy lights against the snow covered rooftops.

“Don’t ever run from him. Thaddeus is more predator than human,” Orion says, making my eyes snap from the view to him. I watch as he lights up a smoke, and my mouth falls open. He lectures me every time he follows me out for a smoke at work. He chuckles softly. “What?” I raise an eyebrow at him, and he passes the packet to me and I pull one out, Orion flicks the lighter cupping the flame so I can light my smoke.

“Such a bad habit, you really sh

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