Chapter 43: The Beast

Ben lies sleepless in a cot on the basement of Koda restaurant. Shiroda-shishou and Negi will be returning in a few hours and he wants to talk to them the first thing in the morning. He tried calling Maricar a couple more times in the taxi ride. She didn’t pick up even after a total of six missed calls. He was hit by a ripple of unease and hoped that she wasn’t ignoring his calls, that she had simply gone to bed.

He picks up his smartphone and redials her number. Still no luck. He contents himself with sending a text message:


I know what you’re going through. You’re not alone.


Ben recalls when his mystic bead first activated inside the hospital room. Based on the expression on Maricar’s face, she was going through the exact same mental turmoil. He can imagine how she’s feeling now, having just opened her eyes to a completely covert world of supernatural, immortal monsters. The fact that she’s Naamah, the prophesied Mother of all Wolf-men, further complicates the whole mess. If
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