In Your Arms

In Your Arms

By:  Varsha Chindam  Completed
Language: English
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"Mummy I want no hero in my life." the little girl said to her mother who chuckled in return. "Why sweetie? Every girl wishes for a hero in her life." her mother replied with an amused smile. "That's why mommy, every girl wants the hero.""So whom my girl wants?!" The little girl gave a huge smile " A villain!" "Villain? " her mother asked with frowning eyebrows thinking why would her little princess wants a villain in her life. "Yup! I need a villain mommy who is a hero to me and villain to others and no girl wants him. So he is all mine." the little girl said bouncing on her feet. Her mother let out a heart full laugh, "villain it is then! ""But momma where do I find my villain? " the little girl asked with pouting lips. "When you will grow up this tall and complete your studies." her momma said kissing her forehead.

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47 Chapters
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