Chapter 6

“I said strip,” he repeats, raising an eyebrow at me, daring me to disobey.

I struggle to remove my shirt, trying to cover my bare chest by turning away from him. The girl beside me starts to remove her clothes as well.

“Not you, child. I don’t want to see you naked; you’re only here to make sure she obeys orders,” he says, making me relieved as she pulls her dress strap back up.

I remove my pants, leaving me only in my panties. Using my hands, I cover my breasts before turning around to face them.

The Lycan man steps forward, he licks his lips approvingly making me flinch. “Remove them,” he says looking down at my panties.

“Please,” I beg, not wanting to remove them.

“Remove them or I kill the child,” he says tauntingly. I look at the little girl who darted behind me at his words. I feel my cheeks burn with embarrassment. This was so degrading and humiliating. I pull my panties down before placing one hand over my breasts and the other trying to cover my lady parts. Both men
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Fee Love
I'm starting to believe that she is the choose one that they speak of in the stories her grandmother told her...
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Gillian Heywood
getting better
goodnovel comment avatar
Why r they being so kind?what’s up?

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