Chapter 58

Aria’s POV

The blast from the explosion shattered the windows of our glass cage. Kade being thrown backwoods and into Lily’s cage. I still had hold of the woman’s hand, that was no longer attached to her arm as a huge shard of glass sliced her arm off, from just below her elbow. The woman is screaming trying to stem the bleeding. I tossed her hand on the ground before undoing my ankle cuffs. Complete and utter chaos ensued. Wolves coming in from everywhere ripping apart anyone they found. Wendy was in battle with a man, still weak, she couldn’t put up much of a fight, and I noticed his eyes changing to that of Christine’s only he seemed to have more control. Lily was unconscious in the cage, the blast must have knocked her out as her cage was damaged. Kade stood up dusting himself off, I jumped up when he moved with so much speed, I knew he wasn’t just a human at least not anymore. 

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Linda G
did they not think the baby would be damaged after all of the various drugs....
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Jeanine Snyder
I am impressed yet again Jessica!! I am seriously losing too much sleep though!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Way too many coins for so few pages

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