Chapter 58

"You, over there," Thane orders me, pointing his finger at the massive bed in the middle of the room.

I glance at Leon. He gulps and nods as if he's telling me it is better if I follow the commands and don't dare to talk back. Honestly, pissing off Thane is the last thing we need, given how far up our necks in shit I was already, so I just force down every instinct to defy the man and walk to the bed and fold my arms across my chest, glaring at him.

"Sit," Thane growls again, so I sit at the edge of the bed while Leon still stands near the door.

Is Leon planning to escape the punishment once Thane is busy doing whatever he plans to do to me? Sweat breaks out on my forehead while my eyes dart between both men.

"Leon, on the chair," Thane orders, but this time, his voice is a little lighter, a little more caring and gentle, despite it still being a damn order. He is tossing us around the room however he pleases.

Holding my breath, I watch Leon walk to the chair and fall into it. I e
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