Chapter 98

Rhen POV

"Thane, let me at least help; I'm not that bad at cooking," I hear Harlow tell Thane as I walk into the foyer. Raidon gives me a look hearing them; they weren't arguing and were in the same room together and not at each other's necks. Walking into the hall, I see Thane huff and he has this pained look on his face, "Harlow, please let me do it. You can watch,"

'Oh, god, please say yes,' I thought to myself that woman could burn water.

"My cooking isn't that terrible, and you…." Thane raises an eyebrow at her, and I stifle my laugh as I watch them quietly. Raidon and I had raced here the moment we felt her pain but seeing them now, Thane was taking care of her, and they seemed to be getting along.

"You ate the spaghetti made," she huffs. He grabs her hips, setting her on the countertop.

"A+ for effort. But you couldn't cook to save your life; I can't stand eating your cooking anymore. I don't think my stomach can take it. But if you insist, I will suffer in silence until it ki
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Marrie Mitipelo
Harlow. Missed family life. With Her family. Now she is part of one unusual group of men. Mates... Her... Outlook...?

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