Cursed To The Alpha Chapter 43


I sit in my office, bored as fuck, as I look over the business portfolios. I need to get into the city and check on things. Some of our pack businesses have taken a major hit recently, there is no explanation for it that I can find, yet the numbers are dropping rapidly.

When Zane walks in, I toss the file on my desk. “What’s up? Have you seen Sage?” I ask him.

I wonder what she is up to today and if she is planning to do anything later on. These days, she is always so busy with something or someone.

Since I barely see her, I admit I feel a bit suspicious of her recent increase in activities. Besides, far more times than I would like to, I struggle to find her.

Or when I do, she is always in the fields, helping our men with harvesting and gardening. Or sewing she spends a lot of time sewing now. Not that it bothers me, but it does make me wonder if she is planning to provide the entire pack with quilts. Judging by the amount of how many she has made so far, it sure does look
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Mary McMahon
I knew he could do good :)

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