Chapter 7

Aria’s POV

The next morning, I woke up, and Lily was already dressed for school, quietly waiting, leaning against my side. Sitting up slowly, my body ached. I reached for my watch glancing down at the small screen that said 9:30 AM. “Shit, we are already late,” I told Lily.

“I tried to wake you; we missed our bus,” she replied, putting her shoes on and trying to tie the laces herself.

“Come here,” I said. She walked over, and I quickly tied her laces. “Pass me my uniform please, Lil.” She quickly did as I asked, passing me my clothes. Putting my bra and panties on, I reached for my blouse Lily was holding. As I moved, I could feel my wound reopening. I slowly placed my hand over it, trying to hold it together. Lily helped me put my black slacks on and my shoes. I quickly

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Comments (11)
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Lori Archer
love it so far
goodnovel comment avatar
How is it possible that she has not realised that she is Alpha Reid’s mate. Even the human Zoe has picked up on it.
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Ada Roberts
I hate waiting

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