Chapter Three

Nix's POV-

Watching from the distance, there are men bringing in large machines and I count about five. Watching each closely as they place something on the tree's closest to them walking side by side. If they move any closer, I will have no choice but to kill them all.

Noticing the man in bright clothes from earlier, he started speaking to a tall man with dark brown hair. Sitting up slowly, I glide closer towards them as I stay hidden within the trees.

Without making a sound, I listen closely as the man named Gabriel talks about how he knows of me. I didn't know there was word of me existing and the men I killed were looking for me. Good, he is lucky to be alive and spread word about being in my forest.

A laugh erupts from the man and as he turned, my heart fluttered. Why does he look so familiar? Dark brown hair with blue eyes and as he looked into the forest, his face was at peace.

Tyler Chose to walk me home from school today and I was unsure why. We have about twenty kids in the school of all ages but Tyler is the only one of my age and I think he is the best looking one. "Nix, I really like you. I think we should go on a date." Feeling my heart beating out of my chest, I turned away from him to let my cheesy smile grow.

Taking a few deep breaths, I turned back to him and smiled. "You do? Why me?" Waiting for his answer, I notice him placing his hands into the pockets of his jeans. I sure hope he feels just as nervous as I do because this silence might be the death of me.

"Well, I think your cute and when I see you every day my heart starts going really fast. I think you might be my mate and if that is the case, I want to spend each day with you." My cheeks started turning beat red realizing Tyler felt this way about me and I have nothing to say back.

Looking in the distance, my house comes into view. Seeing Tyler stop walking, I turn towards him and smile. "I understand if you don't want to..." He started saying as I took small steps making it back to where he stood. As he rose his head, I placed a quick kiss on his cheek and watched his face light up. Letting out a giggle, I start running towards my house as I yell, "I would Love to!" Just after closing the front door, I place my back against it and start hearing him cheering outside. I'm going on my first date...

That man out there is not Tyler. My Tyler died when the town was murdered and I buried him. There was not much left of the remains from my people but I did count the exact number of bodies. Feeling my anger rise remembering the only one I loved being taken from me, as I gazed upon this man... I start to calm.

Feeling confused, I start to back away just as our eye's connect. Looking over his facial features, he looks so much like him it hurts. Feeling the pain in my heart, I break our glare and head home. I am so tired of feeling this hope my family is alive to being reminded they are not. I buried them all and nothing will take that pain away.

Making it away from the men, I strip my clothes off and place them to the side. I need to run and clear my head. I need to decide on staying in the only home I know or consider leaving. The safest thing for me will be to leave but I don't think I can let them just tear my family from the ground.

"Excuse me ma'am?" Letting out a sigh, I look down and realize I am still standing naked. Shaking my head, I turn and see the man standing behind me in the distance. "Are you alright?" He moved closer towards me as I took a step further away.

"Stop where you are and just leave." Watching his eyes search over my bare back, my heart started to flutter and I just wanted to run away. "My name is Jack and I am here..."

Turning around in a hurry with no care, I cross my arms over my chest and I glare upon this man. "You are here to tear down my forest. You are here to get rid of all this beautiful wildlife and my home? You going to kill me too?" Watching his face turn into shock, I turned as I grabbed hold of my clothes to place them back on. There is no way I will be shifting in front of a human and it looks like he won't be leaving any time soon.

"Sorry for my expression, I was unsure you spoke good English. I don't wish to kill you; I want to help you. We get paid to tear down trees. It's not my choice..." A laugh rumbled from me and as I finished placing my shoes on, I stalked towards the man as he looked towards me in fear.

"You have a choice. Each person has a choice to do better yet man always chooses the bad. Why? Why do you people always want destruction when things are beautiful the way they are? My people never harmed humans and what happened? They were all fucking slaughtered!" A roar erupted from my lips as I watched him back away from me. Good, he should be afraid.

"I'm sorry..."

"You're sorry? Sorry doesn't bring my family back. It doesn't fix the fact that I have lived the last ten years alone and fighting for my home and peace! I had to grow up fast because the ones who were needing to raise me died! And you stand here in your nice clothes telling me your sorry? Don't fucking pity me, just leave and never come back." Turning around, I start running as fast as I could to get away from that infuriating man. There is something about him that I love and hate. I love how familiar his face is but hate how naïve they all are.

Turning around, I see him standing in place just watching me as I leave. Why is he not leaving in fear? All I know is the next time I come in contact with him or any other human in my woods, I won't be as kind. 

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