The news didn't escape Xia Meilin's ears. She clearly knew who did it, it was none other than her grandmother. But despite hearing the news, she didn't go out of her room for a couple of days, she was still depressed about the fact that her virginity was taken by a stranger. She has always saved herself for the man she loved and yet it was all for nothing.

Ji Ruo was a former General, she has a lot of connections in the military. Her strongest connection was Xia Meilin's uncle, Xia Jianfeng, the current General in the military. No secrets could be hidden from him since he was also known to be one of the best hackers in the country, he could get any information he wanted no matter how deep and dark it was.

Xia Meilin was pretty sure that Ji Ruo ordered her uncle to bring all the illegal works of the Lin family into the light. She knew that he was the only person who was capable of doing it in just one night.

"Grandma, have you told grandpa and brother about it?" Xia Meilin asked as she sat at the edge of her bed.

"No, I haven't. It would be for the best if you tell them yourself," replied Ji Ruo as she closed the curtains of her room before she faced her. "I know that you are sad but we cannot change what has been already done. Right now, we can just look ahead and raise our chin up, dear."

"It's not that easy, grandma..." Xia Meilin lowered her head. Every night, she would always have the same nightmare which ended up making her stay up for the whole night until her eyes couldn't take it anymore.

Ji Ruo walked toward her and held her chin, making her face her by raising it gently. "It will never be easy to move on but you have us, your family by your side. You are not alone, Xiao Mei. You don't have to forget it all at once, you can take small steps forward."

Her eyes became misty when she heard her grandmother's kind words, "Grandma..."

Ji Ruo gave out a gentle smile before she pulled her into her arms, "It's going to be alright, Xiao Mei. It's going to be alright."


After taking a bath, Xia Meilin changed into an office attire since she would be visiting her brother in the Xia company. Aside from that, it was her first day of work as an assistant to her brother, Xia Sinian.

Ever since Xia Sinian became the head of the Xia family business, he moved out of the Xia family home and stayed at a suite that was close to the company. Being a workaholic man, he needed a place where he could easily access the company without any difficulty.

Xia Meilin decided to listen to her grandmother's words by taking small steps. If she started working then she may be able to distract her mind from the depressing thing that she experienced.

She headed out of her room and went downstairs. She entered the dining room and saw her grandparents waiting for her by the table.

She smiled at them. "Good morning, grandpa, grandma!"

"Here's my little princess." Xia Jiamu smiled warmly as he saw Xia Meilin, "How was your sleep?"

Because of Ji Ruo backing Xia Meilin up, Xia Jiamu didn't notice any difference from her.

Xia Meilin went to sit on her usual seat. "Because of grandma, I was able to sleep well last night."

Ji Ruo chuckled, "I'm happy to hear that." 

"If you keep babying her, she won't learn how to be independent," Xia Jiamu sighed as he took his chopsticks.

Ji Ruo raised a brow as she looked at her husband. "As if you're not doing the same, my dear."

Xia Meilin laughed lightly as she watched her grandparents act like people not their age. "Let's eat, let's eat. I don't want to be late on my first day of work. Sinian-ge would definitely scold me!"

"That rascal! He won't even come and visit us every once in a while!" Ji Ruo huffed and crossed her arms. "Once you see him, tell him to come home tonight, okay?"

"Yes, grandma." 

After having breakfast together with her grandparents, Xia Meilin bid goodbye to them before she headed to work using her Volkswagen Beetle car. 

Xia Meilin was fond of classic cars, especially the Volkswagen, that was why she would proudly drive it around whenever she had a chance.

While she was on her way, as she was about to drive across an intersection on the road, a black car suddenly appeared and crashed against her car.

It happened so fast that Xia Meilin wasn't able to avoid the collision. She lost consciousness as her body was trapped inside the wrecked car.

Unbeknownst to her, her accident was actually planned by someone who wanted her dead. 


"Doctor, when will she wake up? Can't you really do something about it?"

Xia Meilin suddenly heard a familiar voice. She knew the voice so well, it belonged to her older brother, Xia Sinian.

"I am really sorry, Mr. Xia. All we can do is wait." Another male voice spoke. "If she still doesn't wake up after three weeks, then we will have to use C-section to take the baby out."

C-section? Baby? Xia Meilin frowned in her semi-conscious state. Who were they talking about?

She tried to get up but she couldn't move her body. What was happening? Once again, she tried moving but her body was so heavy that she couldn't move it even a bit!

She started to panic because of this. She was lying down inside a dark place and it scared her so much.

"Calm down, Meilin, calm down." She muttered to herself, trying to calm herself down before she decided to try and move her fingers. At first, she couldn't move them but at the second try, she succeeded which made her so happy.

"D-Doctor! M-Meilin... h-her fingers moved!" Her grandmother's voice was heard.

Why did her grandmother sound like she, Xia Meilin, has lost control of her own body? Could it be that... she has been in a coma?! How was that possible?! The last thing she remembered was -- she was on her way to her work when suddenly she heard a loud crash. 

Wait a minute!... Does that loud crash mean she has been in an accident?! No way!

"It's a sign that she will be waking up soon. This is good, this is good. Research has proven that comatose patients can hear when one speaks to them. She can hear us so if you try to call her, it will give her more courage to wake up."

She suddenly felt a warm hold on her hand. "Sweetie, grandma and grandpa are here... even your Sinian-ge is here... so please wake up for us..."

"Your grandma is right, we are waiting for you here, princess." This time, Xia Jiamu's gentle voice was heard.

"I even made time to visit you every day, come on, don't make us worry like this, sister."

She could feel her warm tears forming on the side of her eyes before it ran down her cheeks. She wanted to see them, she longed to wake up and hug her family.

Her eyelids fluttered. She was able to open them but it was kind of blurry because of her tears. Her throat was parched, she tried speaking but her voice came out croaky.

"Meilin!" They all shouted excitedly, hugging her one after another.

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