Chapter 96

Once I was back in Leon’s room, I shut the door, and I didn’t intend to speak with Thane until he pulled his head out of his ass. Yet, in true Thane form, he never likes to be on the tail end of a losing argument because he busted the door down within minutes of me climbing into bed.

A squeak leaves me as the door bangs against the dresser, making the mirror on the top rattle.

“You don’t get to yell and scream at me and then run from me,” he was furious, but the feeling through the bond told me not at me as he moved closer to the bed. I shuffle upright, knowing all too well how unpredictable his mood swings are.

“I wasn’t going to hurt you, for fuck sake, Harlow. Stop flinching; I have never beat you,”

“No, only locked me in a damn den and ordered me around and used your damn aura on me,” I snap at him while my hand slips down beside the bed and the wall where I kept the wolfsbane spray that Rhen gave me. My fingers wrap around the can, my finger on the trigger.

“I can’t take what I d
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Miss A
Thanks so much for the update! epic
goodnovel comment avatar
Seems like aggressive sex is going to happen with all of that pent up anger they have between them
goodnovel comment avatar
Such a good chapter ! Wish it was a bit longer though! Looking forward to the next!

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