I stared blankly at the wall, I can hear the distant voices of Cyrus speaking with Hunter and other men. Papers are flying on the desk, I put the heavy object on them to prevent them from flying. 

"Sir, these are the files you asked for and this is the package sent by someone." Kelsey spoke placing the files and package on the table. She went back to her place to go through the footages. My gaze shifted to the IT men working on their laptops to find the details of the attack that happened last night.

"Alfordo is with his wife, they are leaving London. I guess Alfordo is scared that Alan would hurt his wife." Hunter spoke placing the pictures of Alfordo leaving the airport with his wife. My thoughts shifted to Elora who is sleeping in the next room. 

I don't want to stay away from her even for a second but I need to find out about the attack that happened yesterday. My main men and IT departments members are here

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