The Mafia's Good Wife

The Mafia's Good Wife

By:  aflyingwhale  Completed
Language: English
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Three years after selling her virginity to Damon, Violet leaves town to start over. She moves away with her family and starts a new and peaceful life. But what happens when Damon wants his wife back? After all, Damon Van Zandt always gets what he wants.

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87 Chapters
~ Damon ~ Once upon a time, there was a mighty king who ruled over the land. The king ruled with an iron fist. He was cold and ruthless. No one dared to stand in his way. Until one day, along came a girl. The girl was enchanting. She had dark brown hair and light blue and purple eyes. He fell in love with her the moment he saw her. Using all his strength, he was able to capture her. He forced his way into her heart until she became his. But what the king didn’t realize was how strong the girl actually was. With just the touch of a finger, she could bring him down to his knees. He thought he had control over her, but she was controlling him all this time. And one day, with just a change of her heart, she went in for the kill. Along with a soft kiss, she put a bullet to his heart and his life was never the same again.  Read more
~ Damon ~ - - - - - ONE WEEK LATER - - - - - Damon lay on his bed with his head facing the ceiling. His expression was stoic and his eyes were empty. It was eight in the morning but the room was dark. Damon didn’t bother getting up to open the curtains. Everything was pitch black and empty, just like his heart. The only sound that filled the room was the sound of his low breathing. And faintly, very faintly, he could almost hear the sound of his heart beating. It almost amazed him how that thing was still working after all that it’s been through. I used to have it all… The whole world under my feet and my girl by my side. Damon’s mind wandered to the days before the wedding and all the events that led to that fateful morning. Everything was magical. He had it all. He was going to end his enemies and marry the love o
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- - - - - THREE YEARS LATER - - - - - - - - - - AUSTIN, TEXAS - - - - - ~ Violet ~ “Good morning, beautiful girl,” Barbara greeted her daughter with a smile as Violet walked into the kitchen. Her feet and the hem of her dress were gliding on the hardwood floor. Barbara looked up and saw Violet smiling back at her. She was all dressed up and ready to go, wearing her favorite summer dress and a denim jacket. Her hair was cut shorter and curled. She still had the same fair features, but her high cheekbones showed that she had lost some of that baby fat from her teenage years. “Good morning, mom,” Violet replied, taking a seat on the kitchen counter. “What are we having for breakfast?” “We have… bread, cereal, and some leftover cake from
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~ Violet ~“I believe in America. America has made my fortune. And I raised my daughter in the American fashion. I gave her freedom but I taught her never to dishonor her family…”Violet sat quietly next to Lucas in his convertible as they stared at the screen projecting The Godfather. Lucas was totally engrossed with the film, his eyes lit up with excitement as Marlon Brando appeared. Violet, on the other hand, couldn’t be less enthused. Even though she knew this was only a movie—a fictional story— every scene and word that these characters said reminded her of him. “So, what’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?”Violet recalled the night when she first met Damon, the mafia boss of the Van Zandt family. She was working the late shift at The Union when Dylan told her to leave. But on her way out, he stopped her.“A girl like me?” she asked.Violet could remember that night like it was yesterday. His dark piercing eyes were full of mystery and wonder. He could stop her heartb
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~ Violet ~- - - - - THREE WEEKS LATER - - - - -“You know what they call this in the olden days?” Lucas paused for a beat before whispering into Violet’s ear, “It’s a shotgun wedding,”“Shush!” Violet glared and covered Lucas’s mouth so no one could hear him. “Don’t you dare spread any rumors! Ivy is not pregnant!”After proposing to Ivy just a few weeks prior, Dylan then told everyone that they were doing the wedding in three weeks. Barbara was overjoyed by the news, and so was Violet. They were supportive and they helped out all they could to give Ivy her dream wedding. Though it caused the townspeople quite a stir, it was a wonderful time for the Carvey family. “Yeah, but a wedding in three weeks?” Lucas’s chuckle was muffled because of Violet’s hand.“I don’t know, I guess they’re just so… in love?” Violet shrugged as she stared at the happy couple.Tonight was Dylan and Ivy’s wedding reception. The event was being held at Ivy’s father’s ranch. It was a beautiful place surroun
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~ Violet ~“…Damon…”Violet’s voice came out in a whisper. She saw him standing in front of her, but she still couldn’t believe it. For a second, she thought this must be a dream. She dreamt about moments like this before, when Damon would show up unannounced before her eyes. Usually, if she jerked her head hard enough, she’d wake up from her sleep. But this time, no matter how many times she blinked or forced herself to wake up, nothing could erase the image of him standing in front of her.“Is it… really you?”That was a rhetorical question. She knew it was him. Those were his eyes, his lips, and his sharp jawline. His hair was a little longer and light stubble formed on his jaw. He was wearing his signature three-piece suit and he stood in that cool and mysterious way that he always does.Damon also didn’t answer her right away. He just stared at her with a stoic look on his face. Violet narrowed her eyes, but she couldn’t read his expression. Was he mad? Was he upset? What was he
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~ Violet ~Violet slumped down into the white leather seat of the private jet. Her hands were still tied together and now Damon was pulling the seatbelt over her stomach. He fastened the seatbelt unnecessarily tight, and his face stood only inches away from her. As he finished clasping the seatbelt shut, Damon’s eyes held a playful glint, but Violet wasn’t amused. He took a step back and admired the view—how Violet was all tied up in that chair. Violet glared daggers at him. He had the audacity to take her away from her family and her idyllic life, forcing her into a black SUV and now a private jet. He didn’t show any remorse on that stoic face, in fact, he looked almost satisfied to see her this way.“Do you have to look at me like that?” He said with a scoff.From the way he tied her up, Violet couldn’t move an inch, so glaring was all that she could do.“Where are you taking me?” she demanded.“Home,” he said simply.“I was already home,” she spat. “That was my brother’s wedding an
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- - - - - THREE YEARS AGO - - - - - -~ Damon ~Damon took a moment to study the picture in his hand. His eyes turned glassy instinctively. This was the first time he saw Violet’s face in a month. It was hitting him like a brick wall. The picture showed that she was walking through some street with a bag of groceries in her hand.She seems good, happy, and healthy… “What do you want us to do, boss?” Liam asked. “We can fly out there right now. The jet’s already waiting at the tarmac,”Damon took one last look at Violet’s picture. His thumb slowly grazed over her beautiful face. But suddenly, he closed the file shut and shoved it back to Liam.Liam looked at Damon in confusion as he held onto the file. Meanwhile, Damon turned around and went for the nearby mirror. His shirt and signature black suit were hanging next to it. It was always prepared there for him just in case he wanted to wear them today.“Boss?” Liam asked again.Damon didn’t say a word as he stood in front of the mirro
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~ Violet ~“Let me show you just how much I love you,”Damon paused for a moment to take one more look at her. Violet was looking up at him, and he was looking down at her. No one said anything. Violet didn’t even breathe. Suddenly and without warning, he closed the distance between their lips, capturing her into a kiss. Oh, no!Violet drew in a sharp breath as soon as she felt the impact. His lips landed on her hard and wantonly. She was struggling to breathe, but he wasn’t relenting. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and kissed her deeper, pulling her tight into his body. No, this can’t be happening!Violet’s body was lost in the heat of the moment. Her brain knew that this was wrong, but her heart was exploding into a million pieces as her skin writhed for his touch. She didn’t realize that she had been hungry for this until she tasted him. And once she did, there were no words that could describe what she was feeling right now. I just can’t… stop.Violet closed her eyes and surr
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~ Damon ~Damon was lost in ecstasy as he licked and lapped at her juices. Her pússy was raw and pink, it was wet and ready, but he didn’t want to rush things. He waited three years for this moment, and who knows how much longer he would have to wait for another chance.Looking up slightly, Damon could see the small tattoo on her lower stomach. It was the tattoo that he branded her with, his initials, DVZ. Damon couldn’t contain his smirk every time he looked at it. She could’ve easily gotten rid of it if she wanted to, but she didn’t. And maybe that meant something. Does this mean you’re still mine?Damon wanted to savor her taste for as long as he could. He continued sucking and kissing her clit while his hand slowly reached for her core. His finger ran circles around her entrance, teasing her, and feeling her hips bucking up for him. Hmmm. She’s sopping wet.Damon swallowed hard as he looked up at her. His finger was thrusting rhythmically in and out of her core. He slipped anoth
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