Chapter 46

The slow drip sound of water hitting the ground is what wakes me. My eyes blurry as I open them to my surroundings, bright lights above me making my eyes hurt as I turn my head, my neck is extremely stiff as I try to figure out where I am before my eyes fall on Mara in the cage next to the one they have me in. Like she was some dog and not a child. 

“Ah about time you woke up thinking you would be out a little longer though” Says Demetri, as he runs a baton along the steel bars, the noise making my ears ring as my head pounded from whatever it was they gave me. 

“Quite the talker that daughter of yours, if she wasn’t so cute I would have killed her by now, but her temper really is that of her father’s don’t you agree Laura?” He says before I spot her sitting behind the small cage Mara was in on a mustard colou

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