Wicked Shadows in the Haunted Asylum

Wicked Shadows in the Haunted Asylum

By:  M George  Completed
Language: English
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A group of boys who makes animated short films put their lives in great horror after being locked in a haunted asylum with wicked shadows appearing at night. They'll encounter a girl who doesn't speak a single word, and through the cold and frightening nights that passes by, they unravel the mysteries and real stories behind that haunted place, the horrifying shadows it has, and that one peculiar girl who will be saving their lives all along.

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George Exzequiel
It's fantastic you should try to read it.
2021-07-18 10:31:15
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George De Vera Tea
very unique way of story telling. a new breed of an excellent writer
2021-07-16 15:42:49
user avatar
George Exzequiel
It's intriguing and I love the plot. It's not cliché and it's a must read novel.
2021-07-16 15:09:29
user avatar
George Exzequiel
its intriguing and very interesting. it will tickle your senses and will lead you to a new dimension of story telling
2021-07-16 15:08:33
16 Chapters
Chapter One: Start of the Thrill
It was a peaceful day at school. Every student was excited about going home for the next day as their semester break would be starting. Well, they do love it. The amount of days spent on their semester break is a lot more than in other schools. It takes months and not just weeks.That was not an advantage. Maybe it was even a give-back, because the way of learning was much harder than the other schools. They are more advanced in terms of learning materials. They also have specializations and guilds that made their school have the spotlight on them.That school is known for having high standards. And it is named “High Academia”. The name of the school even shows how “high” it is or how high it can be. High Academia is only exclusive for boys, so obviously, it's a school for boys. And so, every student there should have good moral and be pleasant as always.When the boys are at school, they should have a fine personality. They should act as good moral leaders. If they have a funny, sarca
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Chapter Two: The Light in the Times of Darkness
“Oh I am going in, baby!” Willy said taking steps closer to what he called “the haunted mansion”. He really wants to see what's inside of it for the outside look isn't enough, and he does need more “thrill” to feel.“Hey! Stop!” Luke said and grabbed him by the arm. He then brought back Willy to where they all stand close to one another, and let go of his hold. “That is not a bright idea, Willy.”“Well who said I want to do bright ideas, dear brother?” Willy smirked. “Just let me be. I'll enter that house whether you like it or not.”Willy was about to go back on walking towards that house to check out the inside once again, but Philip called him out stopping him.“You call that just a house?” Philip said. “What if it's more than a house? Maybe something that's historical and scary or whatever it is that might put us in danger.”Willy just smirked. “Don't be a baby, Philip. Probably this is built for films, so we can use it as well.”“No, Willy!” Philip said raising his voice. He sound
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Chapter Three: Everything Started to Crumble
Things happen when the night comes. The best thing to do when there’s someone in that old asylum is to stay quiet, to stay in bed, just go to sleep, and not go down until the sun rises.The asylum was a century old. It was a place which has a history that a lot of people never knew because the people who knew about it zippered their mouths and buried it in the ground, enabling them for no one else to know anything about it.Felix was the only one awake. He was sketching and he couldn’t really sleep. All of his friends were able to fall asleep since they were all tired. It was easy for them since the beds were comfy and their rooms were clean and nice.It’s just… Felix was thinking about too many things. He was thinking about his friends and their safety. He was also thinking about the short film that they should be making, since they will be paid after showing it. Then he was thinking about her. It was unclear who she really was, and why she was there, but Felix already felt affection
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Chapter Four: Friendship is a Virtue
Both Luke and John saw it weird that Philip didn’t want to talk to Felix nor just say a single word to him after everything that happened in breakfast. It’s not very likely for Philip to keep a conflict, and he didn’t even like arguments. Philip knows that Felix is right, but he was slowly turning into someone like Willy. Someone who never wants to lose an argument, someone who doesn’t want to apologize, and then, the worst of it, someone who would judge someone so easily. Since they arrived on that place, everything circulated around having an argument over a small or unclear thing. Willy has been never like that. They do know he has a negative side because everyone else does have one, but it’s just what he was showing was something worse than they saw in him. Cally was even starting to see the negative side of her boyfriend once again. When they were still starting their relationship, she automatically saw it, and she understood him with all her heart because she really loves him.
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Chapter Five: The Beauty of Friendship
She didn’t know what to do to help them go out, but she knows the asylum would open on the next Friday, so she made sure that no one will be hurt or in harm again. In night, she takes guard. She makes sure that no one is wondering around the asylum at that time. She makes sure that they are all asleep, and fear wouldn’t crawl down to them. She no longer wants shadows to appear and hurt anyone else. She can’t take it if someone innocent dies. The group of friends have been there for days, but Friday feels like it’s still far away from coming. Inside the asylum, time seems like it’s running too slow that a day feels like a whole week. Nothing changes and things become more awkward and confusing. Cally and Willy had already talked about their relationship, and they were able to fit in and work it out. Though, it seems like Willy just wanted to fix things out with Cally still hasn’t apologized to the boys and to the girl she name. “lunatic”. He can’t still admit that he was wrong, and h
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Chapter Six: Secrets Will Soon Unravel
She started making Cally’s dress right after the moment Cally went back to her room to have more sleep. Well, she’s too prone to the daily routine of staying up because it has been a thing in that haunted asylum. Felix was also sleepy. He decided to go back to his room, and sleep in there for more comfort since it was colder downstairs. It was still dawned that time, so it was fine. Anyways, others will just wake up late, so they can still go to sleep.Philip can’t no longer sleep. He wasn’t afraid to be alone in there since he was somewhat used to being in the asylum for they had been there for days, and what Cally said also made him man up.“How can this end if this came from her?” he said trying not to stress out. “This is just so good, but how will I make the end a big bang?” he questioned himself, looking at the paper from top to bottom.He was tapping the pen that Felix owns. He reread it again and again, trying to look for a strong extra concept that he can add that wouldn’t ru
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Chapter Seven: Darkness Took a Step Closer to Victory
The night came at the asylum once again. Their day has been good, and it made the group really happy because they are all starting to have the thought in their minds that they’ll be having their friendship wrecked because of every single thing and misunderstanding that happened inside the asylum. Cally and Willy were playing couple games that they like watching. It came from videos that they clearly watch on different social media platforms. They were in a couch, and they spent their time being “lovey-dovey’s” like what they all say when they see the “lly couple” or who they also called “the silly couple”. Luke was listening to music as always. He was also creating tunes that will match the short film since he has already read the story a couple of times. He was tapping things, his feet, and humming melodies, so he can easily work on them once he got on the materials that he needs to make music. John was given lines by Philip. He will do a couple of voice-overs of some characters si
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Chapter Eight: Walls are Starting to Grow Once Again
Everything worked well, and she was able to bring them out of the haunted asylum safe and sound. There were doubts inside her head that time because she didn’t even know who she was dealing with while seeing the words on the walls. She thought that it might be a trick, and it might be some hallucinations only, but she knows that whatever it is, she could only be the one to do it. She was so used on taking the biggest risks and choosing to make a sacrifice that would bring the good to others. Like again, the sacrifice she needed to do to let the group of friends out of that asylum. She needed to give away the roses that her father had given to her, and scarring her own skin to make it bleed. It was both physically and mentally painful for her, but she needed to do it, and she was decided that she would be doing it. The roses might already been withered and old, but it was a valuable thing for her. It was the most special thing that made her remember her father, and it was his gift for
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Chapter Nine: Here Comes the Real Horror
Felix just took his things with him, and said that he didn’t want to be the leader of the group anymore. With what he said, he also means that he no longer wants to work on the short film nor just be a part of it. And what Felix said to them made them all be shocked because it was something that they thought he would never say or a decision that he would never do, but then they were wrong. Felix chose to leave. As much as he loves working on short films, especially animated ones, he fell in love with some extraordinary woman who surpassed that love for his favourite thing to do. Like Luke said, he was able to find the love he needs and he wanted. And because of that love, he was open and he was able to give up things for it. He was fully decided that he didn’t even look back nor doubt on what he had said. He didn’t think that he was being too quick and unsure of his decisions. He just felt that they were right and that those decisions will bring happiness and peace to him. Only at th
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Chapter Ten: Darkness Will Soon Finally Fall
Chapter Ten Everything that happened in the haunted asylum stopped after a while. It was horrifying that they were able to hear someone unknown’s evil laugh, then their skin felt a touch of a very cold sensation that felt more like wind, and lastly they were also able to smell the scent of vintage candles. Well, things do happen in the asylum, especially the cold wind part. But then those things happening time after time on the same exact day, she has never experienced that, even in years of living in that haunted place. One of those things happen rarely when she is in fear or going to be facing a shadow, but this time the asylum is causing them to be in fear and witness such horror. The worst part of it for her was that she had no choice, but to experience it with Cally, Luke, John and especially Felix who came back just for her. She was worried that they might be in trouble once again, especially this time that they had just been in that scary experience. When she saw them after
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