Chapter Thirteen


Avery had spent most of her time with Meredith, training and learning how to control both of her sides. She was eager to learn more about her full potential, but she knew it would take longer than the week and some days they had spent together.

Meredith had been showing Avery different ways to use her powers and strengthen them, along with how to protect herself and those she loves if needed.

During this time, the Coven witches had been randomly showing up at Avery's university, looking for her, and trying their best to get Avery to join them so she could merge her power with the Faewood Coven.

Avery knew that Agatha and the rest of the Elders had nothing but selfish reasons when they kept asking for her to join them- the more powerful witches they had, the more powerful and influential the Coven would become. Who knew, the Coven Elders could go as far as to attack other Covens if they became stronger than they already were.

Becca held her promise and called Avery
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Melissa Sklarkowski
Definitely that old lady with the one eye!!
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Francis M Torres
it's the little old lady who gave her the dream catcher, that's Meredith, I know it
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Kimi Hernandez
Loving this

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