Chapter 285

Jonah POV

I chased Kyan, but Kaif took off with him, and I knew why. He wanted to end it before he thought much about it, so he needed to retrieve the dagger. Kyan knew for Mara to live, Kaif must die, and he saw no other way out. His pain crushed me, yet I had wandered from the trail and was now struggling to find my way back. I headed back up the hill with no other choice, knowing it led back to the ruins. I didn't want to wander too far and become lost. When I reached the top, I clutched my knees and tried to catch my breath.

Eziah and Marabella stood arguing with Katya, who paid them no mind as she looked at the grimoire she held. Kat's eyes flicked to me before her voice was suddenly in my head.

"Take Mara," she says, and I swallow, trying to figure out what she was doing here and why she wanted me to take Mara. Kat then tosses the grimoire into the coffin, and I move toward the ruins. Slightly hesitant as I stepped inside the pentagram. The power emanating from the three of the
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Angie Brown Conway
omg I'm bawling like a baby! I'm so glad he is back ...
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I think this would be a great television series. ... vampire diaries meets true blood yes please.
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Carol Green Gibson
I hope there is one more chapter with Kaia’s POV. ;) just hoping before I swipe to see.

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