"I can't find this kid."

"Let me see." I showed the photo of the kid to Xavier who was laying beside me. While he was looking at the kid I tied my hair into a bun.

"He must've changed his name, I will share this photo with my hacker. He will be emailing you rest of the details."

"I need to travel if I want to meet them." I tell him.

"You are not going to travel alone."

"But Xavier I really don't need any bodyguards. I know self-defence."

"I can't take a risk when it comes to you. Take four of my men with you or you aren't going." he removed my hair from the bun.

"Fine." I say wrapping my arms around his torso while he massaged my head.

We are back to London and Xavier showed me his childhood mansion where we are staying now. From now on this is our home and I'm very

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