33 Chapters
Chapter One
Dreams had always plagued Avery since she could remember herself, and this one was no different. Although they felt like nightmares: true-to-life, vivid, and terrifying, once Avery woke up, she couldn't find it in herself to call them real night terrors. However, though Avery knew it was a dream state she was stuck in, it didn't help end the suffering. As if all those things she had to observe were happening to her true to the time. They always did. And for some reason, Avery always woke up feeling that those dreams were more than just that. She could feel it in her heart- there had to be more to those vivid images than she thought. As if she were missing some vital piece of information that could force everything she saw together, create a bigger picture and make them make sense. Trapped in the dream state, Avery had tried to wake herself countless times before the captivating horrific scenarios could suck her in completely, so deep into the abyss, she'd be lost forever.Although
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Chapter Two
Avery spent about an hour or so going over her notes. When the morning sun started filtering in and brightening the room, she glanced at the clock on the wall above the TV. It was eight in the morning, the perfect time for Avery to get ready to leave the dorm apartment. She packed her notebooks and quickly got ready. As usual, Avery brushed her hair, put on light strokes of eyeliner and mascara before she walked into Becca's room and threw a couch cushion at her best friend. "I'm leaving! Get up and shower before you're late," Avery warned her roommate as Becca groaned and rolled on her back. Becca rubbed her eyes and yawned, squinting at Avery through the slits of her eyes as if it was Avery's fault she was tired. "Already? I feel like I barely closed my eyes, and you're already barging into my room, assaulting me with loud words and pillows," Becca whined. A deep frown overtook her beautiful face as she stretched out like a cat before a loud huff left her lips, and Becca sank ba
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Chapter Three
The first week, the majority of which Avery spent inside her dorm apartment, went by without any incidents. The students who decided to stay instead of leaving to visit their families kept to themselves. And Avery was glad about that because she had enough work to keep her busy and didn't need unnecessary distractions. Becca had called Avery last night to warn her she wouldn't come back as they were planning before Becca left to see her family. In fact, her roommate wouldn't return until the day before classes started, so Avery had even more free time on her own than she initially thought. However, despite the seemingly uneventful days, with each passing night, Avery's dreams became worse, more vivid, terrifying and felt more real. At this point, she didn't view them as dreams anymore; now, they were nightmares. When Avery woke up from her latest nightmare, she couldn't shake off the feeling that it was more than just another night terror. What she saw and felt still felt too real
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Chapter Four
Once the professor ended her class, Avery quickly shoved the books back in her bag, more than ready to escape before Aamon could approach her. Avery knew she shouldn't have gotten involved with him, that it probably would break some rules at the University, and she still did. As she left the classroom, her phone rang again, forcing Avery to dig through her oversized book bag to retrieve it. Digging deeper for the tiny device, she dropped half of her bag's contents on the concrete before she could find the annoying device. Avery cursed and shook her head at how clumsy she was under stress, and only then did she glance at the screen. It was her mother calling again, so she instantly felt bad for rejecting the earlier call. Besides, her mother didn't ring her often unless something serious had happened. Avery took a deep breath, fearing the worst and answered the call, "Hey, ma. Sorry, I didn't answer earlier; I was running late for class," Avery admitted, trying her best to sound un
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Chapter Five
The next few days went by in a blur, and Avery couldn't force herself to follow what day or time it was anymore. Nothing made sense anymore, nothing mattered, and to hell with the world now that Avery had lost her parents. Avery accepted Becca's parents' offer and agreed to stay in their house. Besides, she didn't want to return to her dorm apartment- it reminded her of the nightmares and the words she never said. That place was a mess of memories and regrets. If only she hadn't ignored those stupid nightmares, she could have done something. Avery had a chance to save her parents, yet she ignored the signs. She was sure their tragic death was on her; on her and that damn criminal who set their house on fire. While she lived with Becca, her parents helped Avery organise the funeral arrangements. She couldn't find the words to express her gratitude. It was hard to lose her parents as it was, but to think of how they would send them into the afterworld was something Avey couldn't do.
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Chapter Six
After another two weeks of constant studying, classes, running, and partying around, Avery was exhausted, and Becca finally stepped forward to speak to her best friend. Avery had just returned home from her usual run and walked in the door, dropping her keys in the hall. She could see Becca sitting on the sofa, but she didn't hold a book or watch TV, which was odd, but Avery shrugged it off. As much as she deserved privacy and peace, so did Becca. Once Avery barely stepped into the living area, Becca pounced at her the moment she came into Becca's line of vision. It was clear that her best friend had no intention of letting Avery slip into her bedroom in peace. This was the day Becca lost every bit of her patience and decided to take action before losing her best friend for good. All Avery wanted was the escape of peace and quiet she could find in her bedroom. At least until nighttime caught up on her fears. "Ava, please," Becca pleaded, grabbed her wrist and tried to pull her tow
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Chapter Seven
Avery's heart rate slowed down, and she instantly felt a strange sense of calmness settle over her as the last bits of fear left her. Aamon smirked, stepping back from her just as the elevator door opened. He grabbed Avery's hand and led her out of the elevator. Together, they stepped into what Avery thought had to be a penthouse apartment. The first thing Avery noticed was the floor-to-ceiling windows, which provided a stunning view of the city. Avery stopped breathing as her eyes took in the dim lights that lit up the city surrounding the place. The longer she stared out, the more greedy she felt for more. Avery had never seen something like that. Sure, her parents didn't struggle financially, and Avery never lacked anything, but the family preferred leading a more simple life. She never thought luxury might be her thing until Aamon took her to his place. Then, she tilted her head to take in the rest of her surroundings. While one whole side of the living room was all windows, t
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Chapter Eight
The following day, when Avery woke up, she instantly rolled over, intent on stretching out her sore limbs, but stopped once she found a cold sheet next to her. Aamon's side of the bed was empty and felt ice-cold to her touch as if he hadn't spent the night next to her. It was clear he had left the bed a while ago, so following his example, Avery got out of the bed. Her eyes scanned the room, finding it more breathtaking in the daylight than it appeared late last evening. Avery's gaze stopped on the end of the bed, where she found a pile of nearly folded clothes and reached for them. A pair of blue denim jeans, a shirt, a leather jacket and a pair of impressive high heel boots. At the bottom of the pile, she found a lace bra and thong. Now, she wouldn't keep wondering how on earth Aamon knew her clothing size. Besides, where did he get the clothes? It was light outside; clearly, a new day had begun, but it seemed too early for any shops to be open. Avery's eyes scanned the tags, a
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Chapter Nine
As Avery read the letter, tears ran down her cheeks, a few drops landing on the paper as her eyes kept going over the beautiful handwriting over and over again. Her entire life had been nothing but a lie, a damn illusion, a spectacle someone played, claiming it was for her own good. People who Avery thought were her parents lived with a secret to protect her, but from what, who and why? Why couldn't they leave hints about this danger in the letter instead of leaving her hanging? After reading the letter again, Avery had far too many questions running through her mind, which only doubled with every time her eyes scanned the piece of paper. Her eyes focused on the box that contained parts of her past, which undoubtedly was dark and dangerous. The past Avery didn't have any idea she had. Against her better judgement, she felt angry and betrayed. Not by them, not by the amazing people who raised her, loved her, and reminded Avery of their undying love every day. Avery was furious at
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Chapter Ten
Today was the day; the big day Avery had been waiting for, feeling both excited and terrified the closer it came. September 9th: her twenty-first birthday and the day Avery was supposed to be initiated into her late mother's Coven- the Faewood Coven. Or should she address it as her aunt's Coven? But how could she? Because the woman that raised her was the only mother Avery had known. And though she wanted to be angry, Avery wanted to hate where life had thrown her- she couldn't. Biological parents or not, they were the best parents a child could wish for. Besides, now that she knew that her biological mother had given up on her life to save Avery, no matter how hurt she was, Avery just couldn't feel any anger towards the mother she never got to know and the mother who never told her the truth. It had already been two days since her last dream revelation, two whole days since an unconscious state of Avery's mind had given her the chance to watch everything happen with her own eyes
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