Chapter Three

The first week, the majority of which Avery spent inside her dorm apartment, went by without any incidents. The students who decided to stay instead of leaving to visit their families kept to themselves. And Avery was glad about that because she had enough work to keep her busy and didn't need unnecessary distractions. 

Becca had called Avery last night to warn her she wouldn't come back as they were planning before Becca left to see her family. In fact, her roommate wouldn't return until the day before classes started, so Avery had even more free time on her own than she initially thought. 

However, despite the seemingly uneventful days, with each passing night, Avery's dreams became worse, more vivid, terrifying and felt more real. At this point, she didn't view them as dreams anymore; now, they were nightmares. 

When Avery woke up from her latest nightmare, she couldn't shake off the feeling that it was more than just another night terror. What she saw and felt still felt too real to be labelled a bad dream; Avery was too present. 

She swallowed the bitter taste of smoke that still clung to her tongue and overtook her senses. Avery could smell the smoke as if it weren't a part of the dreadful nightmare but actually filled her bedroom. To make matters worse, even when Avery tried to swallow the taste and gulp down a whole bottle of water, the taste remained in the back of her throat. 

An ice-cold unease settled over Avery making her skin prickle with goosebumps, her body shiver, and the awful, unexpected dread made her rub her arms as she tried to shake off the feeling. If she weren't alone, if only her parents were around, Avery would forget her need for independence and seek warm comfort in their loving arms. 

Unable to stay in bed any longer, Avery slid from under the sheets that both brought her comfort and terrified her- those sweat-drenched sheets were just another reminder of what awaited her once she fell asleep. Once her feet landed on the carpeted floor, Avery moved around her darkened bedroom, using her hands to feel her way to the window.

When Avery stood in front of the window, she gripped the curtains and opened them to peer out. Her own reflection met her eyes in the fogged-up glass as Avery registered how dark it was outside. 

A slight light glimmered over the horizon, so Avery figured the dawn wasn't far off. Though she felt like this was one of the rare occasions she'd gotten more sleep, it was still too early to get up and go on with her day. 

Besides, Avery didn't have anything planned, especially without Becca around, so it wasn't like she could start something or cook breakfast for her best friend just to get her mind off the awful night terrors.

Avery dreaded the bed she once fell in love with and the possibility of falling asleep again. The nightmare was still too fresh in the depths of her mind, and as she stood at the window, Avery noticed how the emptiness of the apartment made her feel claustrophobic.

Perhaps if her best friend came back, the thought of Becca sleeping soundly in her bedroom might calm Avery. Just the mere idea of someone being around, she would feel less lonely, less scared, and God, less alone.

With those thoughts in mind, Avery walked across the dimly lit bedroom to her closet. She chose the most comfortable clothing she owned to go out for a walk. Perhaps some fresh air could help her stay sane. 

Her main goal was to chase the nightmare away, to forget everything she felt and saw. Deep down, Avery knew her efforts to rid herself of her own thoughts and fears and erase the feelings they invoked were pointless, but that didn't mean she wouldn't try. 

Avery slid her black sweatpants up her legs before retrieving a pair of beige UGG boots. Becca always laughed at her fashion sense, especially whenever she wore the boots, but Avery didn't care for as long as she felt comfortable. 

Then, she reached for an oversized grey jumper and decided she didn't need a bra or shirt underneath it since there shouldn't be anyone crazy enough to wander the streets at this ungodly hour. Far too early to run into someone from the University campus since most of the students had left, and those stuck around slept until noon. 

Once Avery was ready to face the gloomy world, she walked out of her small bedroom, stopped in the tiny hall and grabbed her keys. Out of habit, she tapped down her pocket and chuckled once she remembered there shouldn't be anything she was bringing along. 

Standing at the door that separated her from the world, Avery sucked in a tentative breath, unlocked the door and opened it. A light smile tugged on her lips as she was met with an empty corridor- enough for her to leave the safety of her dorm. 

Avery didn't forget to lock the door before she walked down the corridor, keeping in mind she kept quiet so she wouldn't wake up the remaining tenants. She didn't want to disturb the people who spent their holidays at wild parties at night and slept for days. 

Besides, not everyone hid away from their social life like Avery did, so she should respect them as much as those people respected her. Though many came and went, slightly intoxicated, they always were on their best behaviour, not to wake up everyone who didn't leave for wild frat parties. 

The old floorboards creaked under her feet despite how hard Avery tried to avoid the worst ones. Since her efforts didn't pay off, she decided to walk down the corridor as fast as possible and headed for the stairs. 

Though she never had a problem using the elevator, Avery couldn't imagine herself standing in one tonight. Not after the feeling she had in a pretty vast apartment. The tiny space in the elevator would confine her, and then the claustrophobic dread would be back to taunt her. 

The nightmare had already done enough damage, so the thought of being trapped inside the tight space would overwhelm Avery's senses. 

Once she made it down the two flights of stairs, skipping some steps in her haste, Avery left the building using the back entrance, which led her into the quadrangle.

Avery's eyes swept around the quadrangle until she confirmed that it was too early for anyone to be out and about their business. 

The silence and cold breeze dancing across her face made Avery sigh with relief. Though it was only a minute since she left the building, she felt way better than she did inside her bedroom. 

Avery believed that if she walked faster than usual, she could easily do a full lap around the campus grounds before the early birds woke up. 

She was reluctant to let anyone see what a hot mess she looked like. So, the last ray of hope was to shake off the uneasy feeling that still clung to Avery. That same feeling she could describe as a dark cloud that followed her every movement, threatening to suffocate her if it got too close. 

After all, regardless of the problem, some fresh air always helped everyone, even if only a little. 

Avery managed to walk halfway around the campus when the first rays of sunshine illuminated the sky in beautiful pinks and oranges and warmed her face. She admired the colourful sky as she turned the corner of the building before walking full force into someone. 

Avery felt as if her face collided with the brick wall when she lost her balance along with the poor person she so rudely walked into. 

She squeezed her eyes shut and braced herself for the impact with the concrete when two muscular arms wrapped around her waist and tugged her closer to a rock-hard body. The impact with the concrete made her bite her lip and shriek as the coppery taste of her blood filled her mouth. 

However, Avery knew the fall would have ended more painful if not for the person she had landed on. 

Lifting herself a fraction, Avery peered down at the person she had collided with, and a loud gasp escaped her lips before she could stop the surprised sound. 

Avery recognised him instantly. How wouldn't she if it was the same guy from the showers, the same creep who kept appearing everywhere she went?

His face was but a mere inches from hers, and Avery found herself struck by his startling dark grey eyes once again. She felt as if the dept in his eyes could capture, no, cage her and keep her hidden from the world. 

The stranger's eyes reminded her of storm clouds over the ocean. The darker bits were reminiscent of the old cliffs near deep, dangerous water, luring in naive souls. The same cliffs promised awful, painful death if one wasn't careful enough.

His scent enveloped her, taking over her senses and pulling Avery even closer. Something about it made her wish to jump and dive deep into the bliss it offered. 

Then, her eyes flickered down to his lips. Slightly parted from having the breath knocked out of him. Avery wondered if his lips were just as soft as they appeared, but thank God, her senses kicked in, and she pulled herself back to reality before she leaned in to find the answer to her silent question. 

She shook her head, stuck in the wrong state of mind, confused about the drastic change in her behaviour. 

Since when did she wonder how a stranger's lips felt or tasted? Especially these particular lips of the man who had done nothing but scared her out of her skin and kept appearing everywhere she went as if he was stalking her on purpose. 

Avery quickly rolled off him before she lost the last bits of her self-control and dignity. There was no need to stay near a man who obviously inveigled Avery to do the unthinkable and embarrass herself by giving into the strange temptation. 

"Gosh, I'm so sorry; I didn't see you there. Are you okay? Does anything hurt? Did I say how sorry I am?" Avery blurted out the sea of questions, frustrated at her foolishness and inattentiveness. Her cheeks burned as a slight crimson colour spread across her skin. 

The stranger looked up at Avery, a slight glimpse of emotion flashed in his eyes, but it disappeared too fast for her to determine what it was. 

Avery stared back at him, and at one point, she felt like she was searching for something in his gaze. Then, he smiled; his perfect teeth caught the light, which made her heart skip a beat. 

No matter how many ideas she had, Avery couldn't wrap her mind around the phenomenon of what this man was. She couldn't stop wondering why this perfect stranger had an odd effect on her, especially with the stranger in question being so close to her. 

He chuckled and shook his head in amusement before his tempting lips parted and his voice rang out. "There's no need to apologise, really. I should watch where I'm going, so if anything, it's me to blame for this collision." It wasn't enough that his voice was deep and sounded like a melody, the laughter that followed was pure bliss to Avery's ears. 

She wanted to listen to the sound forever or become the creep she labelled this man to be and record him laughing for her to enjoy the sound later. Her breath hitched when she noticed his eyes scrutinising her body. But this time, it wasn't the same lustful gaze she met in the showers, no; this time, he seemed genuinely worried Avery might be hurt. 

"I'm okay," she waved off the stranger. Since his eyes didn't leave her just yet, Avery decided to add, "I bit my lip, though. Is it bleeding?" She asked, touching it with her thumb before pulling it back so the stranger could look at it. 

"Nope, you're good there. I don't see any blood, but I can take a closer look if you want me to," he grinned, winking at Avery. 

His words startled Avery as her eyes followed his movements. The stranger raised his hand and softly caressed her lips with his thumb. 

A cold, full-body shiver rolled through her. Goosebumps rose all over her body at the mere touch of the man before her. Avery couldn't move, as if she was stuck in some sort of a trance and locked under his impenetrable gaze.

His gaze held her captive, but underneath the seemingly gentle look, a challenge was hidden; the stranger dared her to try and look away. It was clear that the man was entirely aware of the effect he had on Avery and used it to his advantage. 

A mischievous grin spread across his lips as his eyes travelled down to Avery's breasts. His wet tongue ran over his bottom lip while his eyes took her in with the same lustful greed she noticed in his eyes the first time they met. 

"Enjoying the view? Do you really like what you see that much?" Avery snapped at him before she could rethink her reaction to his actions. 

The display of his cocky nature slightly angered Avery, but even the irritation didn't stop her from mentally facepalming herself at the word vomit she just spat out. 

"I do." He chuckled, his eyes still glued on her breasts, watching them rise and fall as she breathed. "However, if I have to be completely honest, I prefer the view with your body pressed against mine when you're on top of me." The stranger taunted Avery, keeping his hand on her face.

She felt like all blood in her body rushed to her face, so she pulled away from his touch and focused her gaze on her lap. Everything was better than staring into his eyes and losing herself again. 

Since Avery refused to look at him, the stranger stood up and offered Avery his hand to help her up. She placed her hand in his, the man gripped it and pulled Avery to her feet, but he didn't let go of her. They stood there, surrounded by awkward energy, unaware of what they were supposed to say or do. 

After a moment of silence, he lightly squeezed Avery's hand before letting go of her. Avery instantly focused her gaze on him, which was a huge mistake because once she did, the stranger ran his hand through his thick black hair, looking like a goddamn model as he did. 

Then, his hand stopped on the back of his neck before scratching it. The action made him look uncomfortable, far away from the energy he excreted just minutes ago. 

"My name is Aamon. Sorry, I didn't introduce myself in the showers; that was very rude on my part." He offered Avery his free hand for a shake as if he was meeting one of his bros.

"Avery," she muttered. "But you already knew that." She added, annoyed at the memory from the showers. But if that wasn't enough, she had to feel bad about another word vomit. So much for being social and meeting new people. 

Embarrassment warmed her cheeks. Sure, Aamon was incredibly handsome, and as much as she got to see, his body was hotter than hell, but did she really have to sound like a moron every time she opened her mouth?

Aamon clucked his tongue and took in their surroundings before his gaze focused on Avery. Then, he took a step closer to her, destroying the comfort of the distance between them, and whispered. "I know that. I know exactly what you are."

His choice of words was off. Not only did Aamon use 'what' instead of 'who' when he spoke about Avery as if she were some unrealistic creature, but also his words made her feel uncomfortable. 

Avery felt the need to ask him how he knew her name, but Aamon cut her off with a question. "So, Avery, would you mind if I asked what are you doing out here at such an ungodly hour? Aren't you supposed to enjoy the holidays and get more sleep or attend parties?"

Curiosity dripped from his words, the same as the emotion was easy to notice on his facial features. Avery let out a breath as a strange sense of calmness washed over her. Her arms tingled with the sensation as Aamon invaded the little personal space she had. 

His chest almost touched her breasts; that's how close he managed to get to her. Aamon's minty breath caressed her face, and before Avery could stop herself, she answered the question, almost compelled to, the words spilling from her lips like a waterfall over the cliff.

"I couldn't sleep. Call it stress or insomnia; it doesn't matter which one you prefer." Avery was honest, even though she never intended to explain herself to Aamon. If not more, at least she managed to avoid the rest of his questions. Well, sort of. After all, it was none of his business what she was doing, regardless if she chose to answer or not. 

"Ahh," he breathed out, almost too quiet for Avery to hear. 

However, his questions and suspicious behaviour weren't the biggest of Avery's problems. The warmth his body emanated had her instinctively leaning closer. Avery kept her gaze down at her feet, unsure if there was anything she should say.

Chewing on her lip, Avery peeked at him, and their eyes met again. Those troubled stormy eyes gazed into hers, full of expectation as if Aamon was waiting for her to say something. 

Though she could find comfort gazing in his eyes which seemed nothing sort of less than patient, something about the encounter made Avery's skin prickle. 

Her mind flashed more questions before her; nearly all led to the constant run-ins with Aamon. But now, her biggest problem was that the handsome stranger didn't seem to realise what personal space was. 

It wasn't like Avery stepped away from him, but she couldn't if she tried- Aamon created the illusion which made Avery act like a moth drawn to a flame. 

"And you, Aamon? What are you doing out here so early? Since I already answered your question, it's only fair if you answer mine." Avery asked to keep up with the conversation. Yet, once the questions left her lips, she felt a little guilty at the accusatory tone of her voice. But then again, who could blame her after all those run-ins.

"Could say the same; I couldn't sleep either. I must admit that I enjoy wandering the grounds when no one is around. It's so peaceful; besides, you never know if you'll enjoy your time alone or run into someone." Aamon explained as a sly smile curved his lips. 

Avery arched an eyebrow at his words before she spoke up again. "Well, that's not creepy at all. Are you a campus stalker or something?" She laughed half-heartedly, though now, she was actually questioning Aamon if he was stalking her.

"No. Although that's what a stalker would say, wouldn't he? Okay, let me rephrase myself," Aamon cleared his throat, straightened his posture and placed a hand over his heart. "I'd stoop as low to become a stalker if there were someone I'd be interested in, which means the person should be worth my time. Imagine the time and effort one has to invest once they are set on that path." Avery parts her lips once Aamon is done with his over-the-top speech, but he quickly injects, "I'm the new RA in your dorm, so expect to see me around here more often." Aamon winks at her. 

Now, everything Avery felt suspicious of made sense- that's how Aamon knew her name. He would have seen her profile if he were the new dorm attendant. 

"Would you like to see me more often, Ava?" Aamon purred, taking another step closer as his hand moved to touch her arm, momentarily stunning her at his abrupt behaviour change.

Ava? Only her friends and family called her that, so it felt a little off to hear it from him. But then again, Avery liked how the nickname rolled off his tongue, so she was quick to shove the thoughts and doubts away.

Avery stood frozen, unable to grasp the control of her body. Aamon stunned her and made it far too easy for Avery to stay near him, although she knew she shouldn't. 

Then, suddenly, the same feeling that overtook her in the showers assaulted her again. She felt the need to get closer, to touch Aamon, but reason had her pulling away when he stepped closer, closing the remaining distance between their bodies. 

Aamon's fingers gripped her chin as he pressed his chest against Avery's breasts, making her forget how to breathe. 

And again, Avery couldn't understand what Aamon did to have such a weird effect on her. However, since she didn't entirely hate the feeling, that confused her even more. 

Aamon leaned in; his breath tickled her neck while he took his time to greedily inhale her scent until he was content and pulled back to stare into Avery's eyes. 

Avery's intuition told her there was something seriously unhinged about this man. He had strange energy, Aamon acted like a top-notch creep, and she still couldn't understand how he got a job at the University. 

Didn't they do background checks anymore? Avery couldn't understand what was wrong with her- the energy he offered made her want to run, yet she couldn't figure out if she had to run to him or from him. And still, Avery couldn't bring herself to move a muscle because she enjoyed being around him despite how strange the man was. She couldn't explain it. All she knew was there was something off about him.

"Do I scare you, Ava?" Aamon asked, his voice low and husky. His dark gaze sought a reaction to his words while Avery just stared back at him, struck by the sudden question. 

Aamon scared her. He really did. But there was also something so alluring about his presence that Avery wanted to move closer even more. 

The irrational part of her wanted to feel his body under her touch, slide her hands all over his body until she got to know his touch. Sure, there was that annoying voice at the back of Avery's head, telling her there was something sinister hiding behind Aamon's curious smile and ominous dark eyes, the voice that warned her that Aamon was dangerous. 

"Should I feel scared? Is there a reason for me to fear you?" Avery answered with a question, her voice barely a murmur over the soft wind. 

The corners of Aamon's lips twitched, and his eyes lost focus before turning pitch-black. Even the whites of his eyes were overtaken by the intense black colour- as black as onyx stones, sparking back at Avery, pulling a loud gasp out of her. 

His eyes became so dark that Avery could see her frightened expression in his eyes almost as clearly as she'd see herself in a mirror. 

Startled, she took a step back as a wide smile spread across his lips. Was he trying to scare her on purpose now? And for what- to prove a point? Yet, if her thoughts were any near to true, that angered Avery more than it should. 

"I can hear your heart hammering in your chest, but you're not running away from me. Most do, yet you're still here. How interesting, indeed." Aamon mused. So this was a game he played with Avery to test her reaction. 

Avery glared at him, angrier than before. And the worst part was that she was angry that her assumptions were right, and he was doing everything on purpose, just to make her fear him. 

How could his mood change so abruptly? Did he think he was funny? Why was he appearing everywhere Avery went if his goal was to scare her away?

With those thoughts assaulting her mind, Avery's anger grew more intense. It was a twisted, dark, and cold feeling shocking Avery to her core for how fiercely the rage inside her bubbled up and took over. 

She hadn't even noticed the glowing ambient light coming from her fingers until Aamon suddenly yanked his hand out of hers, and a loud growl left his lips. When did she take his hand? Why hadn't she noticed the skin contact with the man?

The loss of contact made her realise what she had done. That feeling consumed her senses, and she knew she should fear that burning rage, an angered witch was dangerous, yet Avery couldn't deny liking the feeling, despite knowing how addictive and destructive it might become. 

The stench of burning flesh made Avery look down at her hands. It was Aamon's flesh that burned because they had held hands. Avery's hands were glowing red; the veins beneath her skin grew bright, almost like lava. 

Avery lifted her gaze to Aamon, staring at him with nothing but shock. She never meant to hurt him; it just... It just happened. 

Her link to magic had to be severed from the medication she had been taking for years; the pills weakened its potency or cut it off completely. Or that was what she thought. So, to say Avery was surprised she had used magic was an understatement.

She couldn't decide if it was a sign her magic was manifesting early or if her pills didn't work anymore. Where the hell did that intense rage was coming from, and why did it scare her?

What Avery did and felt was black and ugly, but it made her feel good, whole, and powerful. However, it disappeared as soon as she realised she had hurt someone, even if it was just the creepy stalker guy. 

Avery glanced at his hand, fully healed. The only sign of the injury she could find was an angry red mark. Aamon's hand clenched into a fist, which forced Avery to tear her gaze from it to look at him. 

"Who are you?" She blurted out before she could stop herself, curiosity getting the best of her. Aamon clearly wasn't a human; that much she could tell. Humans didn't heal that fast, nor did their eyes change the way Aamon's did. 

A sinister smile graced his face, showing off all his teeth. The previous, perfect shape was no longer there; Avery stared at straight rows of sharp canine teeth. 

"Ava, oh, Ava, you're asking the wrong question, my dear. The right one to ask would be: what are you?" His voice became velvety smooth as his minty breath brushed across her face while he kept inching closer. 

Avery sucked in a sharp breath, the sensation rolling over her again, that damned trance-like state that could cocoon her in seconds. Once she gave in, Aamon pulled away with a soft laugh. Avery glared at him, but the man only shrugged, turned on his heel and briskly walked away from her.

Avery's eyes focused on his retreating frame. Once Aamon was out of the picture, she found it easier to breathe and think. Why did it sound like there was a hidden meaning behind his words? 

She walked back to her dorm in a daze, lost in the strange interaction. What did Aamon mean? What could he possibly have meant? He's the RA; he would know what creatures were living in the dorm block, so why would he question Avery about what she was? Aamon had to know that she was a witch.

Back in her apartment, Avery sat down to read and counted the hours, unable to focus on the book. Time flew by, and around early afternoon, she heard the lock to the door turn before the door flew open. 

Becca. Her best friend was back. Her blue eyes lit up in excitement when she spotted Avery. Becca threw her bag into the corner of the lounge room before slumping onto the sofa next to Avery. She wrapped her arms around Avery's waist and rested her head on her shoulder. 

Even though she struggled to get over the initial shock, Becca's arrival was the best thing that had happened to Avery since the holidays started. 

Didn't her best friend call and warn Avery that she wasn't returning until the day before school started again, just yesterday? Sure, as always, there were many questions, but the relief Avery felt upon seeing Becca nearly made her choke up, so Avery let her be. 

Not for long, though, because curiosity got the best of Avery once again, “What are you doing here? I thought you were staying until the day before school went back?”

"Well, something happened. Alright, not just something- mum and aunty Tay had a fight, so we drove back early. Mum was so angry she drove all night without a break, and even dad didn't dare to interfere after mum unleashed on Tay," Becca explained as Avery leaned into her, resting her head on Becca's and closing her eyes. Avery knew she missed her best friend, but up until now, she had no idea how much. 

"What was that fight about?" Avery whispered. 

She knew that Becca's mother was a sweet woman, so she struggled to picture the woman being so outraged to willingly react to a confrontation, let alone bother to argue or fight with someone. 

"Same old shit, really. Living in Avalon City. Me, attending the school here, you know, mixes school at that. The only thing out of the ordinary was that mom lost it this time and snapped at her," Becca mumbled; a tired sigh escaped her lips once she was done explaining the unusual events.

Avery didn't feel it was her place to share her opinion or join her best friend's family affairs, so she remained silent. However, Beca had enough silence, "God, I missed his place!" She exclaimed, moving away from Avery and sinking further into her seat. Then, she shoved her feet across Avery's lap and grinned. 

"Did you at least get up to anything interesting while you were away?" Avery changed the topic of their conversation, smiling at her best friend making herself at home as Becca tried to toe-off her flats. 

With a heavy, exaggerated sigh, Avery togged them off for her and dropped them on the floor beside the sofa. 

"Not really, since I spent most of my time at grandmother's and aunt's place," Becca rolled her eyes, looking more than ready to go on a rant, but something flashed in her eyes and the scowl on her face was replaced by a blinding smile. But I started talking to someone online. He even attends here. I'm meeting up with him tonight, so don't wait up," she winked at Avery, still showing off that innocent smile which always meant Becca was up to no good. 

At first, when Becca arrived, Avery felt overjoyed she'd have someone who could get her mind off the terrifying nightmares and strange events that kept piling up. Her best friend could stop the never-ending silence that threatened to deafen Avery.

Or so she thought until Becca announced she was ditching Avery for another guy. But could she blame her? Avery didn't share the details of her nightmares or the things that happened to her during Becca's absence. Not that she got a chance to, either. 

Avery couldn't hide the disappointment she felt as she stared at Becca. "I thought we were going to catch a movie when you returned; we haven't seen each other in a week, and since you escaped your aunt, I really wanted to get out of this place." 

Becca flashed Avery an apologetic look. "You know, you could always come along," she offered, but Avery instantly shook her head and huffed at the offer. 

She hated third-wheeling on Becca's dates. Maybe staying alone with her thoughts and the dreadful silence wasn't that bad if the only other option was to tag along. 

"I'm sorry. We could catch up tomorrow and then watch a movie together?" Avery nodded at the offer, which seemed way better than the previous one. However, she should've known Becca wouldn't give in so easily. "Or you could come," she pleaded, making Avery roll her eyes. 

Becca's slender fingers wrapped around Avery's arm as she shook her best friend, "Come on, you never go out. Please, I'm begging you, please come!" Becca batted her long lashes, giving Avery her best puppy dog eyes. 

Avery didn't have it in her to keep arguing back and forth over such a minor thing, so she sighed and gave in. "Fine."

"Yay!" Becca squealed while her best friend snickered, finding Becca's enthusiasm a little contagious. But only a little. Avery's best friend might be trouble, yet she was the best kind of it. 

Overly excited, Becca jumped off the sofa and started stripping from her clothes as she walked toward her bedroom. By the time Becca reached the bedroom door, she was half-naked and managed to toss her clothes all over the place. The only clothing covering Avery's best friend was a white thong peeking out from the top of her round ass. 

They had seen each other naked many times, and the nudity didn't bother them. Avery wasn't gay, but she appreciated the shit out of Becca's body and maybe, even envied it a little. 

Becca was blessed with large, perky breasts with small pink button nipples. As Becca walked, Avery watched her breasts bounce with every step she took, and Avery couldn't look away, mesmerised by the perfection of her best friend's curves. 

Becca disappeared into her room and returned with a short red dress, flashing the tiny piece of fabric at Avery. "Think this will look alright?" 

Avery nodded in approval, and Becca instantly slipped the dress on. Anyone who sees Becca will easily make out the shape of her thong underneath the dress. It was very figure-hugging, which made her appear nearly naked. If anything, Becca surely didn't bother leaving much to one's imagination. 

"Oh," Becca exclaimed, running back into her bedroom and calling, "how about you wear this one?" as she returned, holding a dress in her hand. 

Avery scrunched up her face at how short she knew that dress was, and Becca raised an eyebrow at her but didn't say anything. 

She just walked back into her bedroom right when a knock sounded on their apartment door. Since Avery had had no visitors over the break, she thought it must be Becca's mysterious date. 

Becca flashed Avery a questioning look, to which she just shrugged and raised an eyebrow. "Not for me. I didn't tell him where I lived," Becca whispered, peering at the tiny hall. 

Sighing, Becca moved towards the door. Avery followed a few steps behind, curious to see who knocked on their door but didn't enter the hall. Instead, she listened in when Becca opened the door.

It took no time for Avery to recognize the deep alluring voice and its owner. "Uh, hi. I'm Aamon. I'm the new RA this semester. I'm just going around introducing myself to the residents before classes start again," he stated, sounding all sorts of uncomfortable and not, Aamon? Could it be that after two awkward run-ins, Avery could tell he didn't sound like himself? 

"I'm Becca, Ava; come meet the new RA," Becca called out, a little too excited for her own good. 

Avery turned to step into the hallway. Her eyes instantly focused on Aamon, who stood at their door, wearing jeans and a tight black shirt. His abs were the first thing Avery noticed, pressing against the shirt that appeared at least a size too small for his muscular frame. Lifting her eyes, Avery's gaze met the familiar dazzling grey stormy one. 

"Yeah, I already know who he is. I met him this morning," Avery said, leaning against the wall. Though she felt uneasy about their earlier run-in and his words still ran through her mind, she did her best to appear unfazed by his presence. 

They stood in awkward silence, with Becca caught in the middle while Avery's face turned light pink. Aamon didn't bother to take his eyes off Avery as if Becca didn't exist or stand before him as he stared past her. 

Avery noticed the curiosity in his eyes, then the scrutiny, and at that point, she wasn't sure if she wanted to invite him in or tell him to fuck off. However, as always, Becca quickly caught on to the awkward tension and took the social queues in her hands, for which Avery was more than thankful. 

"Alrighty then," Becca cheered, gripping the door handle. "It was nice to meet you," she added, lying through her teeth as she started closing the door in his face, but Aamon didn't do as much as glance at her. 

That beautiful yet terrifying smile spread across Aamon's lips as he addressed Avery. "Yes, it was lovely to meet you again, Ava."

Becca glanced between them, and Avery instantly turned away from the questioning look Becca gave her. 

Her best friend cleared her throat, drawing the attention of both Avery and Aamon, who were still locked in some silent standoff. 

"Sorry to disturb you, ladies; I see you're getting ready to go out," Aamon blurted out, doing his best to sound like he was stating something, but Avery could sense his words were a question. 

Then, Aamon's curious eyes flickered over Becca before his gaze focused on Avery. "You're not going out with your friend?" He asked, arching an eyebrow. 

Avery's gaze instantly focused on Becca, pleading for assistance. Always the hero, Becca tilted her head at the stranger and grinned, "No, she's coming with me. We're going to Pulse nightclub. I'm sure you know how it is- being young and wanting a good time. Some drinks, dancing and wonderful dates." While her best friend lied, Avery tried to hide her reaction to Becca's words. 

Avery didn't notice Aamon's eyes darken until a loud gasp left Becca's lips while the man before them did nothing but smile. Avery didn't understand how she knew it, but she knew Aamon was angry and couldn't understand the reason for his anger. 

Thankfully, Becca blurted out a quick farewell and shut the door in his face. But that didn't mean Avery was off the hook as her best friend's curious eyes sought answers. 

"That demon guy is creepy as fuck, but so damn hot. He couldn't take his eyes off you, don't think I didn't notice. Wow. What's the go with you two, though?" Becca asked, but Avery shook her head, choosing to ignore the question and get ready for third-wheeling the hell out of her best friend's date. 

After yet another strange run-in with Aamon, Avery was happy to get away from the dorm for the night and, hopefully, end the constant run-ins with Mr Creepsalot.

"Don't you have a date?" Avery reminded her best friend of the reason for their outing, which instantly worked as the best excuse to change the subject.

"Oh, shit! Right," Becca hissed, slapping a palm over her forehead.

Becca stormed into her bedroom to finish getting ready, and Avery followed her example- if not more, at least she could find something decent to wear. 

Becca got ready; she grabbed her bag and keys and called for Avery before realising that Avery was waiting for her. It always took forever for Becca to get ready. 

When they arrived, Pulse was packed out the doors, but since Becca was such a social butterfly, she knew the bouncer. Alright, Becca didn't just know the bouncer; she fucked him. For a while, they were fuck buddies, and that was the only reason they could skip the queue. Either way, the groans they received from those standing at the door made both Becca and Avery laugh as they slipped inside the club. 

It wasn't Avery's scene, but she was determined- despite being the third wheel on Becca's date, she would enjoy her night out. 

After a few hours, Avery felt tipsy and had more fun than she initially thought she could. Becca was all but mauling her date so much so they might as well have been fucking on the dancefloor, yet the more Avery drank, the more relaxed she became. 

Avery danced with Becca and random men, which would get between the girls, but when she had the most fun, Avery felt hands grip her hips. She glanced over her shoulder, and her eyes met with the familiar stormy orbs- Aamon. 

His deep, hoarse voice sent a wave of thrills down her spine, "Do you always dance with random men or was this a show you put on for me?" Aamon all but growled, intense possessiveness dripping from the words. The way his long fingers gripped her hips made Avery's skin heat up. 

"Now I'm dancing with you, aren't I?" She breathed out. "So, as for your question- I'd say yes, I dance with random men, and no, it's not a show I'm putting up for you," Avery taunted the demon as he tugged her hips back against his. 

Aamon growled, displeased by her answer, yet he held back from causing a scene. Instead, he moved in time with her ensuring no one could get too close to Avery. His hands were possessive and caressed every inch of Avery through the thin slip of the dress. 

Her head was buzzing off the copious amounts of alcohol she had consumed and the overall energy surrounding her. Despite that, she did notice how most people steered clear of Aamon, and only those who were too drunk wandered into their little bubble. 

As the night went on, Avery became a little rowdy; the energy she picked up made her anxious. Yet, there was more, something she couldn't explain, almost as if she was drawn to the exuberant energy floating around everyone as their bodies swayed, bumped, and ground together. 

Goosebumps rose on her arms as she glanced at Aamon and stated, "I feel a little odd. Like, I don't know, as if something-"

"As if something is about to happen." Aamon finished for her and started guiding her towards the dancefloor's outer edge. 

"You feel it too," Avery slurred a little, and Aamon nodded.

"You and I have more in common than you think," he confessed. As they moved away from the crowded dance floor, a fight broke out in its centre. Avery was too high on the buzz of alcohol coursing through her veins to pay more attention to Aamon's words. 

As the club's bouncers came running to break up the vicious fight, Avery understood why she felt something terrible was about to happen.

Aamon guided her away from the awful commotion on the dance floor and closer to the bar as Avery shamelessly swayed her hips. What became the reason for her to enjoy the night was the reason for grouchy Aamon to growl at men who came too close to her. 

A possessive, claiming wave of emotion washed over her when Aamon shoved another man away. The stranger didn't even try to dance with Avery; he was dancing with Becca, but Aamon didn't care since the stranger had accidentally bumped into Avery. 

"Geez, calm down," Avery groaned as she wrapped her arms around Aamon's neck. His hands instantly dropped to her ass, giving it a hard squeeze. The action tore a loud groan from Avery's lips, and a shiver ran down her spine when his finger brushed her tender flesh. A satisfied grin appeared on his devilishly handsome face as Aamon guided his hands back to grip her hips. 

"I don't like how the vampires watch you. Those power-hungry leeches should learn their place before I do that for them. They can feel the energy you emit," a deep growl formed in Aamon's chest, his eyes darkened, but Avery just chuckled at him. 

"Is that why you won't leave me alone? Are you as power-hungry as those vampires, Aamon? Sorry to burst your bubble, but I still haven't manifested." Avery laughed, feeling like she stood on top of the world. If power was why Aamon stuck around people, she was the last person he needed. 

"No, and you don't know what you speak of," Aamon growled out his reply, making Avery roll her eyes. 

"I don't even know you," she chuckled.

"But I know you, I know you very well, Ava," Aamon whispered, to which she rolled her eyes again. At this rate, she'd stare at her brain by the time their dance ended. 

Fine by her, Aamon could be creepy and stalkerish as fuck, but she wouldn't let his antics ruin her night. Avery escaped his grip and moved back to Becca and her date, stopping them on their way to the bar.

Later that night, Avery was more than tipsy and felt like she might die if she didn't get some fresh air, so she left the club. Becca and her date were planning on leaving soon anyway, so her short absence wouldn't bother anyone. 

At this point, Becca was shit-faced and stumbled around drunk. Avery was just about in the same state, but she hoped the fresh air would help her return to her senses. 

Slipping out of the side doors, Avery breathed in the night's cool, crisp air, embracing the sensations it provided. Once she managed to sober up, Avery noticed Aamon stepping into the alleyway. 

A loud, annoyed groan escaped her. Avery had spent most of the night avoiding him, and there he was, storming toward her like a creep, which he definitely proved to be. 

"You're really quick, Ava. I don't appreciate you avoiding and escaping me," Aamon growled. 

"Or maybe you're slow at keeping up," Avery taunted him, still too out of it to take him seriously. 

His hands pushed against her shoulders as Avery felt her back go against the brick wall. 

The way Aamon pulled and shoved her body made Avery's heart race a little faster. She knew his anger towards her was an act, and it wasn't supposed to turn her on, yet somehow, it did. 

Avery felt that fiery passion burn in her, and she wanted more of it. Just like the strange energy she felt in the club earlier, it made her giddy; Aamon's anger and desire were stroking that flame inside her. She swore; she could feel it deep in her bones. 

Though the night wasn't warm, and she wore a dress that did near nothing to leave anything to the imagination, Avery didn't feel cold in that alleyway with Aamon's hands on her. 

Aamon pushed his body against hers, pinning Avery to the brick wall. "What do you think you were doing there? Escaping me and dancing with all those men? Showing off your body? Letting them lay their filthy hands on you," Aamon growled, his mouth less than an inch away from her ear. 

All night Aamon was trying to draw her away, yet Avery remained defiant, and Aamon knew she was doing it just to annoy him.

"And what are you going to do about it?" Avery spat back, teasing and annoying him even more. She didn't care about his strange behaviour or bad mood. 

The air between them changed as intense arousal coursed through her, something that happened far too rarely, so Avery blamed alcohol, but regardless of the causes, she knew she'd gladly appease the sudden hunger for having him near. 

Deep down, Avery knew she should question Aamon about his strange words and why he had followed her into the alleyway, but rational thinking seemed to fly out of the window whenever he was close. 

His entire body was pressed against hers; she could feel Aamon's erection growing harder with each grind against her body. 

They were the only people in the alley, but the road next to the club was busy; Avery could hear the cars in the streets- they had very little privacy there. Anyone could turn into the alley at any moment and walk onto them, but Avery didn't care. She wanted Aamon; she wanted him so bad, she couldn't wait. 

"I'm going to show you who you belong to," Aamon growled; the mere sound of his voice made Avery's insides quiver with anticipation. 

"You can fucking try," she hissed out, keeping up with the defiant behaviour which kept pushing Aamon over the edge the entire night. 

Aamon's hands slid down her body until he found the bottom of her dress and forced his hands under her skirt. He grabbed her ass and lifted her up, slamming her back against the brick wall again. 

Avery loved how rough he was, and she wanted more of this barbaric, nearly animalistic side of Aamon. This was the battle of power she needed. Avery desired the passion of it. In fact, it was almost as if she craved his touch to become rougher. Avery wanted Aamon to show her to whom she belonged. 

She felt Aamon pull out his cock as he pulled her underwear to the side. He thrust up and moved her hips; the tip of his cock found her dripping entrance and thrust hard into her. A loud, needy moan left her lips before a wide smile spread across them at the feeling of fullness inside her. 

A low groan left Aamon. "Is that all you got, big boy?" Avery teased him, tightening her hold on his shoulders. 

She heard him grunt as his hands gripped her hips harder, and Aamon withdrew his cock before thrusting it back into her with such force Avery gasped at the sudden sensation. Aamon pounded into her harder, fastening his pace with each movement of his hips. Avery's eyes rolled back at his merciless pounding. Yet, she loved it; she loved how Aamon forced her to find pleasure in the pain he was causing. 

"I'll show you who you belong to, Ava," he growled out, his words dripping in threats. "I'm going to fuck you senseless. And tomorrow, when you wake up, you will feel me inside this tight pussy," Aamon snarled, picking up the pace. 

"I'll believe it when I feel it," Avery gasped. She wanted to tease Aamon even more, to push him over the edge of control. Avery didn't want him to hold back; she needed Aamon to give her all he got. 

Growling, Aamon withdrew from her, allowed Avery back to her feet and turned her around once a pout appeared on her lips. Then, he bent her over the air conditioning unit that protruded from the wall. 

His hand gripped her hair while the other grabbed her hip. Avery barely felt the tip of his erection near her entrance before Aamon was back pounding inside her with no mercy. 

He was rough, brutal as fuck, and didn't hold back from hurting her. The hard fuck made her heart pound against her ribcage while stars clouded her vision. No, it was even better; Avery could taste those damn stars while the devil himself used her body as his personal toy. 

Aamon's strength, the force he used against her, and the mix of passion and anger were the perfect components for the type of fuck Avery needed to get everything out of her system. 

She felt her pussy convulse around his hard shaft. "Keep going," Avery moaned, pushing back against him to meet each of Aamon's thrusts, "that's it… Show me who I belong to… Make me yours." Avery couldn't believe the vulgar words that left her lips, but she didn't care; she was too lost in the sensations Aamon kept building up inside her. 

Her orgasm was so powerful that she thought nothing could stop it. Not even the police coming down that alleyway to stop them could hold back the force of that orgasm. 

Avery came so hard that her eyes rolled back, and the sounds of her moans and screams echoed against the alleyway walls. 

"Good girl," Aamon purred, riding out the last waves of Avery's orgasm as her pussy gripped him. 

The way Aamon kept slamming into her meant that it was only a matter of a few more thrusts before his own climax would overwhelm him. 

His cock twitched inside her, a heavy grunt escaped his lips, and Aamon's fingers dug into Avery's hips so hard that she knew she would find bruises there the day after. 

First, she felt the warmth of his cum shoot out of the tip of his cock and fill her, warming her insides even more. A dreamily smile spread across her lips as Aamon slowly slid out of her. 

Standing up, Avery leaned against the wall to catch her breath while Aamon shoved his dick back inside his pants. Then, he moved closer to Avery and fixed her dress just as Becca stumbled out from the main road and into the alleyway. 

"Ava, there you are! I called a taxi for us," Becca slurred as she waved her hands and ran over to them in fits of giggles.

"No need to wait for the taxi; I'll drive you back," Aamon said, retrieving his keys from his pockets while Avery gawked at him. "I haven't been drinking," he added, throwing his arm over her shoulders and tugging Avery against him. 

"You're Aamon, right?" Becca giggled. "You're the creepy RA guy who was eye fucking my best friend earlier, right?" She added the question, finally recognising the man that kept trying to steal her friend's attention all night. 

Becca's date stood beside her while that poor guy tried his best to hush her. Though his attention was on Becca, his eyes watched Aamon's every movement. No matter how hard the guy tried to hide it, he couldn't hide how much Aamon frightened him. 

"Since the conversation absolutely had to steer in this direction, I suppose it's only fair if you're the first one to find out that I've successfully completed my mission and fucked your best friend just now," he winked at Becca. "So please be so kind as to get in my damn car, so I can drive you both back home," Aamon said, pulling Avery along with him to the front of the building. 

Then, Aamon hit his key fob to a back car, opened the passenger door and pushed Avery toward it. "Get in, Avery," he demanded as her brows furrowed at the overexaggerated dominance in his voice. 

Reluctantly, Avery climbed into the car, not wanting to anger the demon. She fell asleep on the drive back to their dorm and didn't wake up until she felt Aamon unclip her seatbelt and scoop her in his strong arms. 

Aamon carried her up the stairs to her dorm as if Avery weighed nothing. 

"Aamon?" She called out his name. 

"Go back to sleep," he snapped at her as a fogginess washed over her senses, making Avery limp in his arms.

"Aamon, where is Becca?" She murmured, barely fighting Aamon's demonic compulsions.

"She's with the dickhead she was with at the club. I told you to sleep!" He snapped again. Avery was at the loss of words for his sudden change, so she gave in and eventually passed out again. 

Avery woke up at the sound of the front door slamming shut in the early hours of the morning. Stirring up, she listened to what could be the cause when she heard Becca whisper, "Shh..." 

Avery chuckled at her friend's antics until she heard Becca knock something over loudly. So much for trying to be quiet. 

Becca was drunk and brought her date home with her. Avery could make out the footsteps going into Becca's room, confirming her assumptions. 

Though their rooms were across from each other's, the walls were paper thin. Avery laid back down and tugged a pillow over her head as she closed her eyes, desperately trying to dive back into the slumber. When that didn't work, she huffed.

She checked her phone and huffed even louder when Avery noticed it was only 2 am. It was far too early to start the day, but her eyes wouldn't stay closed, and the heavy breathing coming from Becca's bedroom wasn't helping either. In fact, it was getting louder. 

Avery couldn't ignore the slight throb between her thighs that reminded her of the alleyway and the pounding Aamon gave her. An intense feeling of shame coursed through Avery's veins as her cheeks flushed. 

Aamon had to be thinking Avery was a whore after she did what she did. 

Becca's breathing turned into soft, airy moans. Avery could hear Becca's date kissing and sucking on Becca.

Grabbing her headphones, Avery plugged them into her phone. She placed the earbuds in her ears and turned on some relaxation music to block out Becca, screaming out some random dude's name before flicking her light off. It didn't take long until Avery drifted back to sleep.

The following day, Avery was preparing coffee when Becca exited her room, looking all sorts of dishevelled and guilty. A smirk tugged on Avery's lips as she slid a cup of steaming black liquid to Becca on the other side of the counter. Becca sipped it. The look on her face was orgasmic, making Avery flush, instantly bringing back memories from the night before. 

"Sorry if we were a bit loud last night," Becca whispered, clearly having a massive hangover headache. 

"I must have slept through you coming in; I didn't hear a thing," Avery lied. She didn't want to make Becca feel guilty, especially while she was in such a state. 

Checking her phone, Avery realised she was late, so she drank her coffee in three greedy gulps and ran out of the door, leaving it open behind her. 

Avery received a text message from her mother while she stood in the elevator on her way to the bottom floor. She informed Avery that they had gotten home safely. 

A deep sigh of relief left Avery's lips as her eyes scanned the message. She always worried about her parents when they left for the Coven gatherings. 

As she was about to reply to the message, the phone started ringing in her hand. It was her mother, but Avery had to tap the screen and send her call to the voicemail. As much as she wanted to hear her mother's voice, Avery couldn't- she was late and would call them back once she got home. Besides, she didn't want to discuss any witch business in public. 

Once she ran through the empty halls and reached the classroom, Avery snuck up to the back of the class. Her eyes scanned the room to look for her professor. 

However, as she sought out the person, her eyes stopped on someone else standing next to the professor. Aamon. 

The professor introduced him to the class, claiming he was there to observe something. Aamon had seen Avery sneak in, and his eyes were already on her, studying her like she were some experiment. 

Only when their gazes met did Aamon look away, but he never tried to hide the smirk on his lips. The silent interaction made Avery's face burn bright red in shame while she took her seat and pulled the books out of her bag.

She tried her best to focus on the lecture and professor, she really did, but her eyes kept wandering back to Aamon. 

He was distracting her. Avery was so drawn to him that she wanted to jump to her feet and pounce at him. As weird as the feeling was, the worst part was that she couldn't figure out why Aamon pulled her in. 

And Aamon was as aware of Avery's presence as she was of his because every time she glanced his way, Aamon would turn to stare at her. 

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