Chapter 7: The Watering Hole

The morning after, Alex is nursing a mild hangover with a steaming cup of red ginseng and some of the avocado and crackers he offered Karma last night. Speaking of Karma, she went home via Grab.

“Who’s our next client, Kane?” Alex calls out to his disembodied virtual assistant.

Kane gathers and analyzes content freely available on social media and creates millions of personality profiles to choose from. As Karma anticipated last night, the Boys Are Wolves app has automatically severed all ties between her and Alex. Once she made her rating, the app’s self-delete function activated, leaving the gig 100% invitation-only and virtually untraceable.

Boys Are Wolves isn’t on Googol Play, Apple Store or any other distribution platform. It appears as a sponsored post after certain keywords are typed by a user, and then the user is led to an external website.

Presently, Kane turns on the van’s TV and says: “We have 2 potential candidates… Option 1: Brianna Iris Torres Durante. Fashionista.
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