My Two Alphas ( Hybrid Aria book 5)

My Two Alphas ( Hybrid Aria book 5)

By:  Jessicahall  Completed
Language: English
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Tyson and Ace, two twin hybrid brothers direct descendants of the moon goddess, thought life wouldn't get any more complicated than being raised by their older brother, the Lycan king. When their older brother finds his mate, they learn she has a missing daughter and help find her, bringing her home. Only when they do they can't help but feel drawn to the young girl, and on their sixteenth birthday, they find out she is their mate, the girl they helped raise, their brother's stepdaughter was to be theirs, though Lucy was twelve they and they help practically raised her. However, Lucy is no ordinary hybrid but a mutated version like her mother. There is just one problem: she has no wolf. Scientists experimented on her as a child, killing her wolf counterpart and leaving her more vampire than a wolf. Not only do they have to wait for her to grow up, but they also have to hope she recognizes them when she does. Lucy has always been different, being a mutation of her hybrid mother, raised by her stepfather, the Lycan king, and his two Twin brothers. Lucy spent most of her life in captivity before her mother and stepfather freed her along with those in the facility. Little does she know that the two young men that have always been by her side since she was a child and helped raise her are hiding a secret. She is their mate; what happens when Lucy finds out that not only are they her mates but they knew all along, can she look at them as anything more than family, but now she understood why she was always drawn to them, drawn to the twin brothers. Will she trust fate, or will she reject them?

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Lucy had been experimented on by scientists in her childhood, Since that, she lost her wolf but has a nature that is like a vampire. She was imprisoned for a long time before she was rescued by her mother and stepfather. Her mother mated with the Lycan king and tried her best to find her. Her stepfather has two younger twin brothers. They help their older brother to find Lucy and save her from the suffering. Although Lucy is a little girl, the twins can’t help feeling drawn to her. When the twins are sixteen years old, they should find that Lucy is their mate. When Lucy finds the truth and knows that the twins have known everything about her? How will she choose? Details are in My Two Alphas ( Hybrid Aria book 5).

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93 Chapters
Chapter 1
Tyson POV These bloody meetings were boring, but Ryker insisted we sit through the Alpha meet every year. We still had a year before we took over Black Moon Pack so I thought it rather pointless when we didn't actually get a say in anything yet. They weren't so bad though, my entire family was here seeing as we all come from Alpha bloodlines. My aunty Lily was here with her husband Damian from the Crescent Pack, my older sister Lana and her two mates Tate and Drake from the forest Pack were here and of course, my other sister Arial and Chase from Red River Pack were also present with my mother. Along with Black Creek Pack Alpha Jamie and his Luna and two other packs, who I couldn't for the life of me remember who the hell they are or from where. Kind of pointless when the majority of the packs were run by the family, not like the other three packs could argue, noone wants to piss off Hybrid wolf packs and they sure
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Chapter 2
Ace POVThe next day I was so fucking hungover, my head pounding as I roll on my side. Today was our 17th birthday, and Arial decided to get us shitfaced a day early. Man was I paying for it this morning.  I groan, forcing myself up before running my hands over my face. Tyson also got up in the bed across from me.  "My mouth tastes like a fucking ashtray" he grumbles.  I got up heading for the bathroom, making sure Lucy didn't cling wrap the toilet bowl lastnight. No cling wrap and I quickly pee before heading back to the room.  "Want one?" Tyson asks, cracking the window open and sitting on the windowsill. I take the packet l
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Chapter 3
Lucy POVGetting out of the car, my mother was going to kill me. After nearly five years and only coming home on holiday breaks, I had finally pushed too many buttons, and they kicked me out of school. My father sent Jacob to get me from Avalon City; many of us mutations had trouble fitting in with Pack wolves, so Avery and Aamon were alright for demons. They opened a boarding school for us, most of us were more comfortable around our kind, yet I couldn't even see it out, another thing I failed at. I only had three more months, and I would be 18 and finish school. She would kill me, especially after all the begging and pleading it took for her to let me go, only for me to fail. "Best get it over with Lucy; the longer you hold out, the worse it will get," Jacob tells me before shutt
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Chapter 4
"You’re back," he says before I hear Melana moan loudly and the sound really gets on my nerves making me growl. Tyson looks over his shoulder at the door before turning back to me. "Lucy, are you going to answer me?" Tyson asks before reaching for me. I step back and his eyes dart to my arm behind my back.  "Hand it over, what have you got?" He scolds.  "Nothing" I lie when he jerks me toward him by my shirt.  "Lucy! Why do you have paint?"  "Decorating" I snorted trying to hide my laughter when he looked over my shoulder.  "What have you done?" &n
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Chapter 5
I did not want to go home; my mother would still spank me even though I was nearly eighteen. That woman was crazy and damn, does she have a good hand. I could still remember the last ass-kicking she gave me, never thinking I would walk the same again; she branded my ass real good that day. This time I messed up; I burnt the entire science lab down. I still believe it isn't ultimately my fault; yes, I burnt the classroom down, but I only intended to destroy the table, not the blow the entire place up. It's not my fault someone left the gas on, the teacher was supposed to turn it off before locking it up, and he more  than deserved what I did; the only thing better would be if he  burnt along with his classroom.” Ace opens the back door of the car, pushing me toward it. "How about you both go, and I wait here," I sugges
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Chapter 6
When we get close to the packhouse Ace stops looking back at us and Tyrant licks my fingers making them tingle. “You don’t run from us, under any circumstances Lucy and you definitely don’t cross into another territory” Ace scolds me. The look he was giving me made me feel like a naughty child. I hated when he looked at me like that. “Now get in the fucking car while I go grab some clothes” He says storming off and inside. Tyson followed in after him in his wolf form. I walk toward Tyson black mustang before opening the door and climbing in. I couldn’t understand why Alpha Jamie’s pack would try to attack me. Something must have happened while I was away. Tyson comes out first climbing in the driver's seat, he doesn’t say a word to me and I could feel how angry he was about me taking off. Ace climbs in the front looking over at me. “Seatbelt Lucy” He says
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Chapter 7
Pulling up, I groan when I see my mother standing out the front, if looks could kill I was turned to ash the moment I stepped out of the car. My mother comes storming over to me in all her blazing hot anger, I could practically see the steam coming off her as she boiled like a kettle about to scream at me. “Don’t you run from me” She growls as she reaches me and Tyson steps in front of her, her hand connecting with his chest instead of my face. I knew I deserved it but I sure as hell didn’t want to cop it. If she would only hear me out, I never meant to blow up the science lab. Yes I intended to start the fire but I never intended it to destroy the building and I still had my reasons for doing it, if she would just let me explain. “Reika!” My step father snaps at her as he walks out. Tyson rubs his chest where she hit him as I cowered like the chicken I am behind him, hoping he can save me from her wrath.<
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Chapter 8
Only this time her hand didn’t connect, instead I saw Ace grab her wrist just before she struck me again. “Pregnant or not I will break your fucking arm if you strike her again” He growls at her and I rub my lip with my thumb to find it bleeding. Ryker growls and I feel his aura rush out at the threat against his mate, my mother. Ace and Tyson are able to resist it slightly being family but me, it dropped me on my ass, my teeth clenched so tight I thought they would break as I screamed at the sudden agony before the command drops and my father grips my arms. “Damn Lucy, I am sorry. It wasn’t directed at you” He says gripping my arms, hauling me upright while I try to catch my breath. My mother glares at me but says nothing.”Everyone needs to cool off, Lucy go with Tyson and Ace, till your mother calms down” “Are you fucking insane, she can’t
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Chapter 9
Tyson POV What a disaster that was. I knew Reika would be pissed off because she was our mate. Exactly why we had avoided telling her, but I wasn’t expecting her to lose her shit so badly. Ryker just gave us a knowing look. Like he already knew all along which wouldn’t surprise me, he was very observant. Ryker was more disappointed that Ace had been fooling around with Melana knowing he had a mate. Reika didn't care about that, she was more furious we were her mates, she wanted to kill us. We can’t help who our mate is, that isn’t up to us to decide, she knows this and it wasn’t like Lucy was actually related to us, she was in no way a relation to us. It didn’t seem weird to me, I could understand her freaky out if she were our niece but she isn’t we don't share the same blood thankfully because yeah that would be disgusting and I would have to reject her but I wasn’t
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Chapter 10
Lucy POV Mitchell’s mum made beef stroganoff for dinner. It felt weird sitting at a table eating with a family. Usually I was in a mess hall full of others like me, the chatter was endless and you could blend in easily and remain invisible. Mitchell’s father was on pack patrol, so he didn’t join us. It was just Meredith and Mitchell. His mum asked a never ending amount of questions. “Have you found your mate yet?” Meredith asks and I see Mitchell give his mother a look. “What?” His mother asks, shocked by his glare. “You know she hasn’t got a wolf” Mitchell tells her. “Neither did Queen Aria when she ruled, she still found her mate” Meredith tells me. Aria was my stepfather’s mother, even though I wasn’t technically related, or in other words was just a prick relation. She always treated me as if
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