Chapter 10

Lucy POV

Mitchell’s mum made beef stroganoff for dinner. It felt weird sitting at a table eating with a family. Usually I was in a mess hall full of others like me, the chatter was endless and you could blend in easily and remain invisible. Mitchell’s father was on pack patrol, so he didn’t join us. It was just Meredith and Mitchell. His mum asked a never ending amount of questions.

“Have you found your mate yet?” Meredith asks and I see Mitchell give his mother a look.

“What?” His mother asks, shocked by his glare.

“You know she hasn’t got a wolf” Mitchell tells her.

“Neither did Queen Aria when she ruled, she still found her mate” Meredith tells me. Aria was my stepfather’s mother, even though I wasn’t technically related, or in other words was just a prick relation. She always treated me as if

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Mary McMahon
Poor Lucy, I feel so bad for her
goodnovel comment avatar
Poor girl. Feeling like you don’t belong is very lonely. Speaking from experience. Great story so far.
goodnovel comment avatar
So sad for Lucy.

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