Chapter 7

Dropping my gaze to the floor. My long black hair falling to my sides creating a veil. I see his boots come into my line of vision. He then kneels in front of me and grips my chin, bringing my gaze to meet his own.

“Why aren’t you sleeping on the bed?” he asks curiously. I look at Lilith, who is still asleep, and I don’t know when we fell asleep, but we were both warm in front of the fire and the rug was comfier than any makeshift bed I had slept on.

“We fell asleep,” I tell him. I watch as he cocked his head to the side examining my face carefully before he lets go of my chin. I see Dragus walk in behind him carrying a tray with what smells like chicken soup. He sets the tray on the desk.

“Get on the bed,” Dragus says, making me glance at him. I feel sick suddenly, my blood running cold at his words. He seems to notice what he said before putting his hands up in mock surrender.

“Not in that way, take the girl with you,” he says, looking down at Lilith laying on the floor. I pl
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goodnovel comment avatar
A Dragon POV chapter would be nice.
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Fee Love
I bet money Elona is the chosen one the Oracle prophesied about!
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Anjali Gupta
want to read this book but too costly

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